Enrique Solbes, from CEO of Banco Sabadell to CIO of El Corte Inglés

For 3 years, Enrique Solbes has been the CEO of Banco Sabadell. This has provided him with great experience in this managerial position where he was responsible for Information Technology. But, despite having been in charge of this since February 2019, already in March 2022 he finished this work, although he continued with others, with other projects, such as advisory member of CIONET.

The interest in technology has always been very clear in Enrique Solbes. Facing the challenges that these currently offer and managing to take them to another level is something that has led him to get this new position as CIO of El Corte Inglés. A new step in his professional career that began in the same month of October which we all hope will be very long. Interesting changes are sure to come.

Enrique Solbes will replace Juan Andrés Pro Dios

Juan Andrés Pro Dios was in charge of the position that Enrique Solbes will now preside over for 10 years. However, he has wanted to take an impressive leap and start an entrepreneurial career as a freelancer by becoming a Senior Information Technology Advisor with all the baggage that he carries behind him. For this reason, after having vacated the position of CIO of El Corte Inglés, the best option was Enrique Solbes.

The fact of having worked for truly leading companies in the technology sector such as HP, for example, made eyes rest on him. The positions have always been of great responsibility, from director to vice president. Therefore, if there was someone to think of to become CIO of El Corte Inglés after Juan Andrés Pro Dios, it was Enrique Solbes. A safe bet.

Take digital capabilities to another level

El Corte Inglés is a well-known and renowned company. That’s why, there are up to 91 stores throughout the Spanish territory. But, it is in Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia where most of them are concentrated. However, after the covid pandemic it became clear that the importance of technologies was especially crucial. This is why the profile of Enrique Solbes seeks to take digital skills one step further.

But What has El Corte Inglés done in recent years to improve in this regard? Well, it has focused on purchases made through the Internet whose figures, according to Statista, reach almost 80%. The fear of purchasing products through online stores is no longer as high as before and this is due to improvements in shipments, an issue that this company has also focused on in recent times.

Enrique Solbes has some changes in mind such as deliver an omnichannel experience that is unique and focused on customers. This means that communication with the company will be improved, eliminating barriers and interruptions that may affect their shopping experience, as well as improving even more that catalog in the store and on the Internet so that they end up being the same.

Also, we are sure that it will focus on logistical and technological capacity to improve results when it comes to online shopping, and that the mobile phone application continues to improve. In the end, the changes are positive and the experience of Enrique Solbes will surely bring many novelties that will take El Corte Inglés to another level. Well, now, we have to continue evolving

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