Entelgy joins forces with Celonis to help companies in their automation

Entelgy, The BusinessTech Consultancy, today announced its alliance with Celonis, world leader in automation and process mining, to strengthen its offer of operational efficiency services and to be able to offer the most advanced technology in Process Mining to its clients. With this agreement, Entelgy strengthens its offer of services for its clients. Celonis is one of the leading technology companies worldwide thanks to its Execution Management System (EMS).

Celonis EMS is capable of connecting in real time with the computer systems of any company to optimize its execution and improve its results. This is achieved through a platform that, using process mining and artificial intelligence, manages to extract data from all systems to measure what happens in the processes, to be able to analyze them and know them in detail, identifying and evaluating the barriers that may exist and, finally, execute actions that eliminate the barriers and inefficiencies detected. This increases the ability to execute in real time and, consequently, the efficiency of the company.

Today, the capacity of any organization is limited by rigid and highly fragmented computer systems, unable to achieve better results due to the complex limitations to which they are subjected. These limitations, called execution gaps, is what Entelgy is now able to solve for its clients with the help of Celonis. This alliance is the result of Entelgy’s commitment to seek the most cutting-edge technological partners and the consultancy thus continues with its process of improving the services it offers.

Entelgy seeks to position itself as the benchmark consultancy in the provision of process improvement services in Spain and Latin America, and the alliance with Celonis is a key step for this. Celonis solutions are based on Process Mining technology to extract data in real time, perfectly delineate the origin of each data and measure its capacity.

Miguel Ángel Barrio, Director of Entelgy Digital, celebrates the alliance: “Now Entelgy will not only be able to identify the execution gaps in its clients’ processes, but also, thanks to the alliance that we have signed with Celonis, we will also be able to discover their solution in real time and substantially improve its business results.”.

Similarly, Jorge Gonzalez de Leon, VP Partner Management EMEA South & LATAM Celonis highlights: “The Celonis offering helps companies manage all facets of execution management, from analytics to strategy and planning, through management, actions and automations. The alliance with Entelgy will help companies close the execution gaps that have prevented them from reaching their full execution capacity.

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