Epic Games buys Rock Band developer Harmonix

While the metaverse has recently been on everyone’s lips after Facebook’s unexpected name and direction change, it seems that Zuckerberg is not the only one interested. And is that Epic Games has just announced the purchase of the Harmonix studio, developers of music games such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band or Dance Central, with the aim of creating “musical trips” in Fortnite.

In a blog post on its website, Harmonix says it will be Β«working with Epic to once again defy expectations while bringing our unique brand of music gaming experiences to the Metaverse, and we couldn’t be more excitedΒ«.

However, buying a full development studio just to contribute to such a small section of Fortnite seems like a bit of a move, so we can’t rule out that Epic is looking to put its new Harmonix deal to wider use later on. Although for now, it seems that the developer will be exclusively focused on making Fortnite “a little more musical”.

Thus, everything indicates that Epic Games wants to improve their already recurring concerts in the game, in which stars such as Marshmallow, Ariana Grande or Travis Scott among others have collaborated, having even used the game as a platform to reveal for the first time time some of their new songs.

On the other hand, one of the first doubts that would undoubtedly arise, Harmonix Says They Will Continue Their Existing Rock Band Plans DLC, Rock Band Rivals seasons and Fuser events, as well as ensuring that your games will remain on Steam after the acquisition. Although it is not clear if this involves an action similar to the one we saw with Rocket League, which disappeared from the store, can still be played by those who acquired them on Steam initially.

Also, while we might have hoped that financial backing from Epic Games could mean the return of Rock Band’s special instruments and peripherals to production, unfortunately, it appears that will not be the case.

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