Epic Games’ free games for Christmas already have a date

The Epic Games Store is going back to open the trunk of surprises with that Christmas spirit that represents them so much, and that is that for yet another year they will close the year with a wave of free games that all users can add to their respective libraries at no cost. Do you want to know when you will be able to download the games?

Epic Games and Christmas: free games

The official store of Epic Games has posted on the official documentation for developers the guidelines that will be carried out in the coming weeks for the The Game Awards and the Christmas campaign. Thus, we can see that discounts will be applied to games that the developers themselves have promoted before November 24 (application deadline) from December 8 to 10.

But the real promotions will arrive a few days later. Will be from December 15 to January 5 when the Epic Games store celebrates free game days for Christmas, a period in which users will have 15 days to get one free game per day.

Epic Games Christmas 2022

Those are the dates that have been indicated in the developer guide, also pointing to discounts and promotions that will be available throughout the store. The promotions would be these:

  • 15 days of free games
  • 25% discount coupons
  • Global discounts on many games
  • free cosmetics

What games are going to be given away for Christmas?

amnesia free games

On previous occasions, the leakers have managed to get the list of games that will be given away in the Epic Games Store during the Christmas period, however, at the moment there are no details about which games will be the ones that will appear for free in the Christmas period.

We will have to wait until the 15th to find out which will be the first game given away, although given the history of the store and its leaks, it is most likely that in the next few days we will find out.

Some dates that agree

That the promotion period begins on December 15 is no coincidence. It is basically the same period every year, and considering that the information comes from the official Epic Games portal for developers, there is no doubt that it will be so.

What game would you like to see given away in some of the 15 days of promotions?

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