Epic Games Store: after Shemnue III, Neon Abyss is offered for Christmas

Launched last year, the Epic Game Store is repeating the operation and intends to offer around fifteen free games to its users by Christmas 2021. After getting the ball rolling with Shemnue III, players will be able to add to their game library the excellent rogue-lite Neon Abyss.

Credit: Veewo Games

In December 2020, the Epic Game Store spoiled its users by offering fifteen free games before Christmas. Each day, players could therefore retrieve a new title from their game library. There was something for everyone, between Tropico 5, Jurassic World Evolution or Torchlight 2.

At the end of 2021, the gaming platform has decided to repeat the operation. Indeed, Epic has confirmed that 15 new games will be distributed for free to users by December 25, 2021. In addition, players will also be able to take advantage of discount coupons worth € 10 on titles whose amount exceeds the € 14.99. In addition, these vouchers are not available in limited quantities and can be applied to each transaction until the end of the transaction. Enough to stock up on games at a lower price.

Neon Abyss lands on the Epic Game Store advent calendar

And precisely, after having the ball this December 16, 2021 with Shemnue III, the platform has just unveiled the new game offered this Friday, December 17, 2021. It is the excellent rogue-lite Neon Abyss. If you like some titles of the genre like Enter The Gungeon, Dead Cells or Hades, you will be on familiar ground with this exciting title from the studio Veewo Games.

Here again, it will take perseverance to progress through the dungeons with gunshots and other devastating powers. Like any good self-respecting rogue-lite, the key to success will lie in your ability to find effective synergies between the various weapons and items in the game.

We also appreciate the familiar system offered by the title. Indeed, you will be able to collect eggs during your exploration of the different dungeons. After a certain duration or a certain number of enemies killed, the egg will give way to a small creature. The random comes however impose its veto, since the familiar obtained can either offer you bonuses, or on the contrary penalties which can significantly complicate your task.

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