Epic Games Store is giving away a game every day and today is …

Epic Games Store is already celebrating Christmas and is doing it in the way it knows best, that is, giving games as if to give away, and not to sell, it was. But this is how the Epic Games store works, in the absence of Steam loosening up a bit and leaving paying customers, and not mere ‘freeloaders’, to its competition.

Thus, Epic Games Store started its new march this Thursday giving away a daily game and not like he did until now, giving away one game a week from Thursday to Thursday. Since December 16, therefore, the game store is putting from 5 to 5 in the afternoon from one day to the next, a free download daily game for its users.

Epic Games Store opened the ban just a couple of days ago, on Thursday, December 16 with Shenmue III, which was followed by roguelike platformer Neon Abyss. Did you get either of them? If not, you have lost the opportunity to do so, so pay attention because until the start of the winter sales of the platform, free games will continue to drop daily.

And the gratos game of this December 18 in Epic Games Store is none other than … Remnant: From the Ashes, an adventure and action title in the purest style of Dark souls, but with its own narrative and playable idiosyncrasy, which without reaching the level of the original did leave a very good taste in the mouth between criticism and published there when it came out in 2019.

Well, if you want to take Remnant: From the Ashes totally free, you just have to enter the Epic Games Store, identify yourself with your account and claim the game. You can do all this through this link, which, as we have already told you, will expire tomorrow at the same time that today’s one has expired. Or what is the same, you have one day to get the game for free, before the next one comes out.

So what is really important about this news is not the game that falls today, but the reminder that the Epic Games Store is giving away games without stopping and there are still another twelve to be released before the end of the year. Of course, if you are not convinced by anything they offer, which is rare because they tend to be a quality title … Steam’s winter sales begin next Wednesday,

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