Epic Games Store Summer Showcase 2022 leaves us the latest news that will reach the PC platform

Going a little more unnoticed among the rest of the great presentations of the Summer Game Fest, with a leading role clearly focused on the Xbox and Bethesda conference, during the weekend it took place a small live event organized by Epic Gamesin which the company showed some of the upcoming news that will arrive on its gaming platform in the coming months.

Notably shorter than the vast majority of events in this fair, with a total duration that barely exceeded 20 minutes, below you can find the main announcements shown in the Epic Games Store Summer Showcase:

Rocket League

Starting with the actual titles of Epic Games, the company took the opportunity to promote the imminent arrival of the seventh season of Rocket Leagueone of its pillars, which has been showing us for years that a premise as simple as cars and football can generate a community with thousands of players and millionaire income.

Fall Guys

Speaking of own titles, Fall Guys could not be missing, the company’s latest acquisition, which will soon completely change its model to become a completely free gameexpanding its availability to Xbox and Nintendo consoles with cross-play for all platforms.

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

The first title presented, and without a doubt one of the biggest attractions of this live event, was this spin-off of the classic Tolkien saga, in which we will take control of the dwarves to reclaim and restore their ancient homeland, Moria. In a procedurally generated underground world, we will have to explore to build a base while we clear the place and survive the dark evils that lurk in the underground, such as the incessant hordes of orcs. Although we will also have to accumulate resources, hunt, forge equipment and manage other meters such as sleep, temperature or noise levels.

Developed by Free Range Games and Middle Earth Enterprise, everything indicates that this will be the company’s first game to be released, with a launch scheduled for the spring 2023.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Announced as an exclusive launch title for the Epic Games Store, this time we have had the opportunity to check a detailed look at one of the enemies: the Ectoplasta Class 5 traveling steamer that uses slime in various ways to scare citizens and trap ghostbusters.

PC Building Simulator 2

Far from the usual end of the game, we find ourselves before the sequel to the successful simulation title that allows us to sit in front of our own computer repair company while we learn to diagnose, fix and build computers, with new content that will include a new career and story, some additional tools and features, plus huge graphical improvements.

Previously announced, the great novelty came with the announcement of its free betacurrently available in the web store, and with a limited duration until June 20.

Shoulders of Giants

Another launch exclusive from the Epic Games Store comes to us with this crazy title in which a gun-wielding space frog will ride a giant robot with a sword to prevent a greater evil from spreading throughout the universe. Although if this epic introduction has not already convinced you, you may be interested to know what it is about a roguelike that will mix the action, role-playing and shooter genres under an experience that we can enjoy both alone and in its online multiplayer mode with up to three friends.


East colorful and relaxing adventure game takes players to a tropical world inspired by New Caledonia, a small open-world island in the Pacific Ocean. Climb, glide, swim and sail across a beautiful archipelago in this physics-driven sandbox. Use Tchia’s skin-shaping ability to take control of any object or animal you come across, and relax to the music of your ukulele jams.


Released a couple of years ago, this free multiplayer game finally arrives at the Epic Games Store to delight us with an evolution of the FPS genre featuring fast-paced, multi-dimensional combat through a portal creation system.

Disney Speedstorm

With a closed beta started on June 8, which we can still sign up for, this time Disney and Pixar have allowed us to take a more in-depth look at their next arcade racing title, as well as one of the new tracks that will be available during closed beta and launch. We thus find ourselves with a scenario set in one of the most famous classic Mickey Mouse shorts in history, Boatman Willie from 1928; mixed with our current time through the big screen of a special film session.


Expanding your roster of titans for this kaiju fighting game, this trailer focused on introducing us to Rawa, the dragon king, a fierce combatant clad in heavy plate armor capable of emitting a devastating ethereal flame. Although this was not the only novelty. And it is that this video also revealed the release date of the gamecoming August 5th with a cast of ten massive, movie-inspired Titans, an eclectic set of fully destructible battlefields, and even the chance to play through four single-player campaigns.


This colorful multiplayer shooting game for between 2 and 8 players where weapons are not fired, but different dishes of food are thrown that have varied effects. Unfortunately, beyond showing us some gameplay images, we have only been able to confirm its future arrival for PC and consoles, without any specified date frame.

Already previously announced, this game has advanced now the date of your next open betawhich will take place during the weekend of July 1.

Space Punks

Closing the announcements of the Epic Games event, we meet again before the announcement of the availability of an open beta (currently underway) in this case of this curious free game that mixes online role-playing and cooperative action with a future full of neon lights, and planets inhabited by some rather inhospitable locals.

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