Epson bets on sublimation printing

The Japanese giant has boosted its commitment to dye sublimation printing, a technology that stands out for its versatility, since it allows a huge degree of customization to be achieved, and because of the possibilities it offers in terms of savings thanks to cost reduction. This movement fits perfectly with the strategy that Epson had been adopting in recent years, and has materialized with the creation of new printers.

The printer Epson SureColor SC-F6400H, based on dye-sublimation printing, is the company’s most recent novelty, and it is also one of the most important models within its category. Thanks to its values, it has managed to consolidate itself as a clear commitment of the Japanese company to strengthen its leadership in this sector.

The SureColor SC-F6400H is the Epson’s first 44-inch 6-color dye sublimation printer, gives the best of itself in textile production work, creation of personalized products and high-quality photographic reproduction. This model also has Epson’s PrecisionCore Micro TFP technology, designed to offer superior image quality, a breakthrough that opens up new possibilities in the world of high-quality printing, both on rigid and flexible materials.

Epson has also confirmed that the SureColor series is part of its sustainable strategy, and which promotes initiatives such as B·SEArcular, which aims to achieve circularity in the Mediterranean Sea, recycling and reintroducing plastics into the market. In this process, Epson SureColor printers and their sublimation printing technology play a key role thanks to this commitment to recycling.

Jordi Yagües, Epson Business Manager, commented:

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«If Epson is known for something, it is for its tireless work to create new technologies that collaborate in the creation of comprehensive printing solutions that offer the highest levels of quality, flexibility and profitability. These new technologies are the result of an intense effort of active listening and association with our clients, understanding their needs and offering very high levels of customization«.

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