Epson introduces new ultralight 3LCD projectors

The Epson firm has expanded its catalog of projectors with the new 3LCD series, made up of the latest generation models that stand out for offering a compact size and a flow of 20,000 lumens. According to the Japanese company, these projects are 70% more compact, and 50% lighter, than the immediately preceding generation models.

As you may have imagined, one of the most important advantages derived from this reduction in weight and size is that these new projectors are better adapted to different work spaces, have a simpler installation and have simplified maintenanceall this without having to give up high brightness or high image quality.

Epson has integrated these new projectors into the PU2200 series, made up of 13,000 lumen, 16,000 lumen and 20,000 lumen models, with WUXGA and 4K resolution, plus HDR support. This new range is compatible with existing Epson lenses, is easier to integrate into existing infrastructures, and allows flexible and fast installation with low maintenance, reducing the cost of ownership.

This range allows them to be used in “stacking” without the need to resort to a computer, thanks to the processor incorporated in these new Epson projectors. This means that we can install two compatible projectors in “stacking” to double the brightness, and no need for external software. All models have NFC connection to facilitate installation, as well as communication with compatible devices, such as Android terminals, for example.

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Epson has also integrated enhancements to protection against external agents such as dust, including hermetically sealed optical engine and laser light source unit, to ensure greater durability and long service life. The optical engine and light source module are IP5x certified, and Epson uses a highly efficient liquid cooling system for total reliability.

Epson’s new range of 3LCD projectors also come with Significant improvements in terms of sustainability. Thus, we can highlight its lower energy consumption and a notable reduction in the materials necessary for its manufacture and packaging. This contributes to a lower carbon footprint, and thanks to their smaller size and weight, the projectors are easier to store, transport and install, reducing costs as a result. We have no details on their selling prices.

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