Epson presents its new EB series video projectors

The Epson firm has presented two new additions to its family of EB video projectors, the EB-810E and EB-770Fi series. Both are designed to improve the collaborative work experience both in companies and in educational centers, and offer a level of benefits that is up to what would be expected from a new generation project.

We start with the Epson EB-770Fi series, which will hit the market at the end of this year and consists of the models EB-760W, EB-770F and EB-775F. They all use a new browser-based ultra-short distance interactive laser solution, and are emerging as an interactive solution that does not require the use of a computer. They can create screens up to 150 inches, and will come with major enhancements and new features.

The EB-780Fi model offers instant online accesswhich makes it easy for teachers to use and configure its cloud features, including access to online content and their favorite applications, all directly through the projector screen and without having to connect it to a PC .

For their part, the Epson EB-760Wi and the EB-770Fi will include tactile interactive enhancements designed to facilitate the use in collaborative learning systems. In this way, teaching staff will be able to access interactive whiteboard tools with flexible installation options, and take advantage of touch functions and interactive pens.

The Epson EB-810E video projectors are also ultra-short throw, they will offer 4K resolutionthey will have a maximum brightness of 5,000 lumens and will be able to create a screen of up to 160 inchs. They will be based on 3-chip 3LCD technology Epson’s proprietary technology, and will be compatible with the 21:9 screen format.

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José Pereira, product manager of Epson Ibérica, has commented:

“By taking advantage of ultra-short distance, this solution is ideal for environments where space utilization is at a premium, such as meeting rooms and immersive environments. In fact, it offers a scalable display that is highly energy efficient. no need for fixed installation. This flexibility allows users to easily move the product and share the solution across multiple spaces, ensuring connectivity and collaboration when and where needed, further supporting the agility demands of some work environments.”

Along with these new projectors, Epson has confirmed the launch of the EB-L210W, EB-L210SF, EB-L260F and EB-L265F, all standard distancecapable of creating a screen of up to 310 inches with a 21:9 format.

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