Epson will present its new SCARA robots and new software

Taking advantage of the stage of the Automática 2022 fair, the Epson firm will present its new GX-SCARA robots, and will also show new software solutions. These robots have a very compact design, and according to Epson itself they have been manufactured to offer high precision without sacrificing high working speed.

For now, Epson has confirmed the presentation of two new series of robots SCARA GX4 and GX8. Both use a unique design with a high-quality rigid arm that generates minimal vibration, and is capable of offering fluid movements at any speedwhich allows them to be used in a wide variety of industrial environments and professional activities.

Taking a look at its technical specifications we see that the SCARA GX4 is available in 250, 300 and 350mm lengths with a payload of up to 4 kg. This series has an arm capable of curving to the left or right, allowing it to offer greater versatility and better adapt to different tasks. For its part, the SCARA GX8 can work with a load of up to 8 kilograms and lengths of 450, 550 and 650 mm.

Epson has also confirmed that it will take advantage of this event to present a new variant of IF240 and IF530 part feeders accompanied by purge functions, a Preview of Epson’s upcoming RC+control softwarewhich will be compatible with OPC UA specifications and will be adapted to Industry 4.0, thanks to predictive maintenance in Epson’s robotic systems.

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Volker Spanier, Head of Manufacturing Solutions at Epson EMEAR, commented:

“We are looking forward to a new celebration of Automatica. This edition is our first opportunity in a long time to meet again in person with many of our clients. We will present, in addition to our new GX robots, many other innovative solutions that will enable our customers to set up and manage their production and manufacturing operations more efficiently and profitably.”

More information on the official Epson website.

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