Equinix opens a new data center in Madrid

equinix has announced the opening of a new IBX data center (International Business Exchange) of retail in Madrid. The MD6which is the name it has received, is located in Alcobendas and is the first of a complex of data centers in which in the near future there will be two new xScale data centers that will be Equinix’s first in Spain and will be the first in unite retail and hyperscale infrastructure in the same space.

Future xScale data centers will give hyperscale companies such as Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and more the opportunity to add core deployments to their Equinix IBX data center access points. With them, it will be possible to cover 70 countries and offer direct interconnection to more than 10,000 clients.

This new data center complex is the first that Equinix designs and builds in Spain as a promoter, which has the same cooling systems as the hyperscale data centers. These cooling systems are based on a design that concentrates heat in aisles of hot cubes. In this way, the centers manage to improve the encapsulation of excessive heat, in addition to consuming 15% less energy than centers with a conventional cooling system.

MD6 is the third Equinix data center in the Community of Madrid. The previous two, MD1 and MD2, are already operational. The new one, MD6, will increase Equinix’s capacity in the region with 600 new physical data storage spaces aimed at clients from all types of sectors. Its facilities occupy a space of 1,466 square meters and add a power of 4.8 MW.

It will be interconnected with all Equinix data centers in the Iberian Peninsula, including the main landing points for submarine cables on the peninsula, located in Barcelona and Lisbon. Equinix Fabric also allows its connection with other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. In addition, both MD1, MD2 and MD6 have peering through Equinix Internet Exchange, ESpanix and DE-CIX.

MD6 facilities are designed so that the energy it uses comes from 100% renewable sources. In addition, Equinix is ​​exploring a possible collaboration with Alcobendas, with the aim of being part of the local District City sustainable initiative, with which it plans to take advantage of part of the heat generated by the Equinix data centers in the locality, and put it available to companies that have their headquarters in it.

According to Ignacio Velilla, General Manager of Equinix in Spain«The start-up of MD6 is an important step towards consolidating Madrid as the engine of the digital economy in Spain, and involves the expansion of our interconnection campus in the country, reinforcing our position as a hub for southern Europe. Our objective is to be prepared to assume the great capacity and connectivity that companies demand in this digital age and provide them with a service that meets their needs, supported by a secure and sustainable infrastructure.”

For its part, Judith Gardiner, Vice President of Growth and Emerging Markets at Equinixhighlights that in the company they seek «ensure that Spain’s digital infrastructure is at the level of the world’s leading markets and provide local companies with stronger, more sustainable and better international connectivity for the success of their businesses. Thanks to our desire for expansion and continuous innovation, we are providing new capabilities to digital players that allow them to simplify operations, improve the customer experience and sustainably accelerate the launch of new products and services on a global scale.”

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