Ergonomic mouse pad, pure smoke or are they really useful?

Most people have a mouse at home, either because they use a desktop PC or find it more comfortable than a trackpad on their laptop. The problem comes in the mat, since a large number of people do not even have one and use it on the table itself, and the rest have the most basic one that we can find.

However, having a good mouse pad, especially if you are a gamer, although it applies to everyone, is as essential as the mouse itself or the rest of the components.

ergonomic mat

There are many models of mats, but most are simple and fulfill the basic function. Today we are going to see types of them with different characteristics and that will make your use a much more pleasant result.

1.TeckNet Mat

We start with one of the most basic and cheapest you can find on Amazon. It is the best seller, and for a reason it will be. It is very simple but it has an ideal wrist rest to rest your arm and not notice the hours of use. It also has a perfect size to put on any surface.

2.Umitive Mat

We continue with the Umitive mat which brings us on the one hand the base and on the other the armrest individually, much more adaptable to us and our needs but without neglecting the comfort and rest of our wrists.

3.Everlasting Comfort

We continue with a company called Everlasting that offers us a somewhat different design and also incorporates the keyboard armrest, something very interesting if we want the perfect ergonomic combo. This will help us not only when we use the mouse but also if we spend hours writing. In the end it is very common to use both continuously, so it is advisable to have both.


This would be another different model in which we can see the gel parts transparently. It does not change much in terms of ergonomics or materials compared to the previous ones, but the fact of being able to see its interior gives us the slight feeling that it has to be comfortable. It is one of the best sellers on Amazon and its opinions are very good, so it is another option to consider.


Finally, we have this brand that would send us the mat with an ergonomic base for dolls but that also comes with an extendable armrest so that you don’t get tired holding your arm either. Something that possibly suits a lot of people and looks for the complete pack. In that case, this is yours.

There are thousands of types of ergonomic mats, in terms of models and especially designs. Today we have focused on the simplest and most elegant ones, but you can find them with cartoon designs or even very funny shapes.

The summary of this article is that a good mouse pad can provide you with much more rest than you think, and that its use is highly recommended both to improve the speed and functionality of the mouse itself and your health.

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