Error code 30: what to do if the firewall blocks the connection

This problem can be quite annoying, since once it appears it is not usually easily solved unless we take a series of measures. Of course, it is generally not complicated to remove and if you follow the recommendations that we are going to give, you can see that Spotify work again without problems.

How to solve it

So, after explaining what Windows firewall error 30 is and what blocks Spotify, let’s talk about the steps you need to take to fix it. As you will see, each of these solutions can solve the problem depending on the incident, since not all of them are going to be the same.

See if the firewall is blocking

The first thing you should do is check if the firewall is blocking the connection of that particular program. One of the reasons why the firewall error 30 appears is because it is effectively set to block it and it cannot connect to Spotify or any other program.

Therefore, you should go to the firewall settings and see if it is on a block list or not. In the case of Windows you have to go to Start, search for Firewall and open it. there you go Permitted Applications and the list of all the ones you have installed will appear. You just have to check if it is blocked or not.

Applications allowed in the firewall

In case you see that it is blocked, you should disable that feature. In this way the program will be able to function completely normally and you won’t have any problems for it to access the Internet connection and fulfill its function.

Disable VPN

are you using any vpn? Although they are very interesting applications to encrypt the connection and be able to access services that may be blocked, we must also bear in mind that they are the cause of many connection problems. Especially this can happen if you are using a free program or one with few guarantees.

What you need to do in this case is to make sure that the VPN is not causing problems. The best is turn it off, even momentarily, and check if this way does not appear the error 30 of the firewall. In case you verify that this is indeed the cause, our advice is to change your VPN and install one that works correctly.

There are many options. Some of the most popular and that we can mention are ExpressVPN or NordVPN. You have to make sure that they are correctly updated and it is not a good idea to install more than one, nor is it a good idea to have several antiviruses on the same system, since they could generate incompatibilities.

Remove proxy on Windows and Spotify

Something similar can happen if you are using a proxy on windows. You can easily remove it, in the same way you can remove Spotify, where the firewall error 30 usually appears. If you see that this is the cause, you can simply change the proxy server or browse directly without it.

In Windows you have to go to Start, enter Settings, go to Network and Internet and there click on Proxy. Within use proxy server Click on Settings and a window will appear as you see in the image. There you simply have to deactivate it, in case there is one, and click Save.

Remove proxy on Windows

This issue may also appear if you connect Spotify to a proxy. In this case, to solve it you have to open the application, go to Settings and access proxy settings. There you have to display the menu and click on No proxy. From then on you will no longer connect through a proxy server.

Remove proxy on Spotify

change the country

Another change you can make is the country you have in the spotify settings. If you have recently changed countries, you may see error 30. However, it is very easy to solve and if this is the cause, it will disappear immediately by simply following a few steps.

You have to go into the Spotify Settings and access the Profile. There, in the Country or region section, you change it. Once you have put another one, you just have to click Save profile so that the changes are made and that’s it.

Change the country in Spotify

Scan for possible malware

When a problem such as the firewall error 30 appears, you always have to think about the possibility that there is a virus that is interfering. So what you should do is scan for malware on Windows. If, for example, you have recently installed a program and it may be malicious, you have downloaded a suspicious file or you have clicked on a link that may be dangerous, you should check that there is no malware.

For this you can use a good antivirus. There are many options. For example, Microsoft Defender is Windows’ own antivirus, which works quite well. You can also use other alternatives such as Bitdefender or Avast. There are both free and paid options.

Reinstall the program

One more step if all of the above has not had an effect is simply completely uninstall the app from Spotify and reinstall it from scratch, after deleting any files. Sometimes there can be problems after an update or any changes you make to your computer and that affects connections or any installed applications.

Of course, whenever you install this program or any other, you must make sure that you have downloaded it from official sources. In addition, you should check that it is updated to the latest version and that there are no problems that could affect the connection or performance.

In short, if you come across the error code 30 that mentions that the firewall blocks the connection, as you have seen, the causes are different. You can carry out the steps that we have mentioned and in this way correct the problem and make it work normally.

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