Errors that you should not make if you are going to create a website

Things not to do when creating a web page

It is important to take into account certain points when we decide to create a website In Internet. We must avoid making certain mistakes that could compromise that page, that could affect performance and, ultimately, also harm our users.

If we make mistakes, they could also affect the reputation of the page, the search engine positioning and, ultimately, the visits. For this reason, it is convenient to keep in mind some interesting aspects to make everything work as well as possible.

Use any domain

Something very important is to use a correct domain. We must not make mistakes here. By domain we mean the whole set. That is, we must choose a good name for our site, which corresponds to what we want to offer visitors and does not end up being a burden.

But you also have to opt for a suitable extension. We already know that there are second-level and higher domains. We must always choose a good extension, since this is essential for positioning in search engines and also to give a good image to visitors.

Install too many plugins

This is a very common mistake when creating a web page. Users install a large number of plugins to be able to configure the site, to offer certain services to users, but they forget that each of these plugins it could pose a threat and affect performance as well.

Our advice is to only install the plugins that we consider essential and that are really going to be useful. Otherwise we would be loading our site and also opening doors to possible cyber attacks that could take advantage of a vulnerability in one of these add-ons.

Don’t use a certificate

Today this we can say is essential. When we surf the Internet we will see sites that are HTTPS and others, less and less, unencrypted HTTP. The browser could even tell us that a page that is not encrypted is insecure and thus scare away visitors. Therefore, we must always use a certificate for our site.

Not using a good server

This can affect the page to load fast. We must always choose a good server, that offers guarantees, that has technical characteristics that adapt to what we are going to need. Otherwise, we could have failure to load content and our visitors could stop accessing the site.

Keep the website out of date

This is certainly a very important mistake as well. We should never have the outdated site. With this we are not only referring to the content manager, such as WordPress; It must also be taken into account with each add-on that we install. In this way we will be able to maintain proper operation and safety.

In short, these are some important tips to keep in mind if we are going to create a website. We have shown some of the main mistakes to avoid and not have problems of any kind.

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