ESET HOME, an ideal security solution for the home

The launch of ESET HOME has occurred in response to the growing security challenges that a large part of Spanish homes must face. In this sense, it is important to remember the impact teleworking has had, and also the professional activity of freelancers and liberal professionals who work most of the time at home, or in an office integrated into the family home.

ESET HOME is a new version of the popular ESET security platform that makes it easy to manage security at home when and where it is needed. This platform offers a complete vision, to users, of all ESET solutions for Windows and Android devices, since it centralizes them in a single place, with all the advantages that this entails.

We can access ESET HOME through the web portal and the mobile application, which will allow us to control and manage security in a simpler way, from any device and no matter where we are. With the mobile application we can also manage and share licenses with family and friends, and we will have other interesting options that are also available through the web portal.

Among the most important news that ESET HOME brings we can stand out:

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  • Enhanced protection: In this sense, bank and payment protection under execution has been integrated by default, and the shield against ransomware and the vulnerability blocker have also been strengthened.
  • We can manage parental controls and monitor the activity of our children through the ESET HOME web portal.
  • LiveGuard comes integrated with ESET Smart Security Premium, and offers an added proactive layer of protection that is capable of protecting us against previously unidentified security threats.
  • Password manager, which has been totally redesigned to improve security and user experience.

Mária Trnková, Director of the Consumer and IoT segment at ESET, commented:

“We are very excited about this launch and offering users the latest in cybersecurity protection. The updated product suite, including our new LiveGuard feature and the robust ESET HOME platform, puts users in control of your cybersecurity needs at home and gives them the confidence to manage multiple devices on the go. After more than a year of relying heavily on technology, and with the ever-evolving threat landscape, it is vital to us that our users are protected with cutting-edge solutions that are easily accessible and the best in terms of experience. of user.”

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