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The online marketing It is one of the great bets in the digitization of SMEs and the self-employed. It is useless to have a website or an ecommerce if it does not go hand in hand with a sales strategy, through these same channels. What makes you buy a new product from a brand and not from the competition? Aspects such as being in the top search engine positions, appearing on your favorite social networks or providing you with detailed information about it are some of the key points.

What is the SEO agency Eskimoz

The SEO Eskimoz agency is specialized in search engine optimization. What is this digital marketing service? It is composed of the following activities:

  1. SEO positioning: To position your products or services well in search engines you need to know about SEO. In Spain, the most used search engine, by far, is Google and it changes the rules of its algorithm from time to time. This means that SEO is a dynamic work that requires an update of the regulations of the different search engines to adapt the webs and position them as high as possible. Experienced companies, such as Eskimoz, can position your business well and in a lasting way.
  2. SEM Agency. The so-called Search Engine Marketing is search engine marketing, or what is the same, increasing the visibility of a business in a search engine, paying. Eskimoz is an agency certified by Google Adwords, so it is qualified to put your company at the top of the Internet. Every month they send their clients a report with the results obtained, so that they can decide how to continue with the campaign.
  3. Mobile positioning. Being in the top positions of the Android and iOS stores is not easy, on the contrary, it is a complex process that needs to be carried out by professionals. The increase in the use of mobile phones for shopping means that a good positioning on these platforms improves the notoriety of your app in its specific market, generating visibility so that you can acquire new users.
  4. Google penalties. Has Google penalized your website and you don’t know why? You already know that if they do not appear in the search engine, it does not exist and neither does your business, so it is important that these penalties are “removed” from you. The Eskimoz team is specialized in these services, handling the latest techniques, facing many Google SEO penalty contexts, whether manual or algorithm.
  5. Web writing. Content is the “king” of SEO on Google, but not just any content. This has to comply with certain rules so that the search engine considers it of quality and rewards it with visibility. That is, having a blog in any way is never going to favor your Internet business. The texts must be written periodically and rigorously, using the correct links, tags and alt for the photos.
  6. The e-reputation: The set of comments and information that appears on the internet about your company or brand is known as web reputation and can lead to success or failure. Having it under control and building a good reputation takes your job, makes you less vulnerable, and sets you apart from the competition.

In short, as you will see, the agency Eskimoz offers a whole range of actions, linked to digital marketing. The presence on the internet of a company does not make much sense if it is not associated with a constant work of increasing the visualization and the appearance in search engines.

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