Essential functions in an ebook manager similar to Caliber

In these times, manage our library of electronic books or ebooks sometimes it is not an easy task. The main reason for all this is that it can be made up of hundreds or thousands of titles, all stored on a single disk drive. Therefore, more and more users are turning to software solutions such as the popular Caliber.

This is an open source project that provides us with everything we need to manage this content. The program includes functions of all kinds that allow us to multitask with e-books that we have saved. In this way we can read them, convert them, modify them, order them and much more. However, we must also take into account that this is not the only program focused on this type of work.

Just do a simple search on the internet and we will find other interesting solutions for managing ebooks. However, not all of them are going to be the functional effective that we would like at first. It must be taken into consideration that this type of program should meet a series of requirements in order to meet the needs of its potential users.

It is for all this reason that in these same lines we are going to talk about some essential requirements that these must meet e-book managers to be useful to us.

What to require of a book manager to compete with Caliber

The first thing we must take into consideration in this regard is that, as with photos these days, we sometimes talk about thousands of contents here. Therefore, the first thing we should ask a program of these characteristics is to offer us an understandable user interface. This in the long run will be of great help to us when it comes to correctly managing our files. If we find ourselves with a complex or convoluted interface, we are off to a bad start.

At the same time it must offer us different methods or customizable categories when managing or order our books. That way we will have the possibility to categorize them by gender, year, author, size, etc. At the same time the program itself must automatically create your own folders so that we have direct access to them when locating titles. It is also important that, from the program itself, without having to use external solutions, we can read or preview our library contents.

And speaking of librariesIt is also very useful that we have the possibility of creating several of these different and independent ones. That way we can distribute our ebooks by use or theme, for example. In addition, it is important that the software solution is updated from time to time with new functions and requirements to work with these types of files. At the same time it will never hurt what we can add or edit metadata of the books or that we can send it directly to our hardware reader.

Finally, we will tell you that it is almost essential that a program of these characteristics has a powerful search engine with its corresponding filters to locate our content immediately.

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