EU: More than 300 passengers evacuated from Los Angeles airport by alleged armed person

The United States Federal Aviation Administration ordered the suspension of flights in the Los Angeles International Airport, while carrying out a police operation. For their part, the port authorities denied the presence of an active shooter on the premises or any injured person.

This incident is related to the presence of an active shooter in the facilities of Terminal 1, which caused a considerable number of people to have fled towards the aerodrome area.

Evacuate terminal 1

An element of the airport pointed out that the people emitted the alarm signal for the presence of the person with weapon from fire in one of the terminals. The building staff confirmed the self-evacuation of at least 300 people from the terminal to an open area.

The movement took place around 7:30 p.m., local time. The police that surrounded the place arrested a couple of people and it was announced that no shots were fired but no weapons were confiscated. The report was confirmed by the airport’s official Twitter account.

Two injured person

During the evacuation, two people suffered minor injuries for which they were treated by elements of the Department from Firefighters from The Angels. A third person was sent to the hospital, but his health status is unknown so far.

At around 8:19 p.m. local time, the Los Angeles International Airport announced the resumption of flights in the southern part of the airfield. While the northern part remains without operations. Authorities are expected to give the official version of what happened tonight.


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