Eufy Dual Camera Smart Doorbell Review

We have in our hands the new security camera with built-in doorbell from Eufy. For all those who do not know the Eufy firm, we can warn that it is one of Anker’s subsidiaries, so in this sense we are going to have a high-quality product, with really excellent finishes and a fairly reasonable price considering direct competition.

In this case, the best thing about the camera is that in addition to the doorbell itself, it adds a second camera that is focused directly on the ground. In our country, this may not be very useful, but in the United States, where couriers leave packages on the floor outside our door it’s really important to have this camera pointing down at the ground.

But let’s go by parts and start with one of the most important things that this camera from the Eufy firm offers us. And this is nothing more and nothing less than it does not add any type of subscription or extra cost to store everything that the camera detects at the moment of ringing the doorbell.

And we know very well that there are many firms that, in addition to selling the security camera itself to protect our home, offer us the almost mandatory option of subscribing to their iCloud service to store data, in this case with the eufy Dual Camera you don’t need to subscribe to anything since it adds storage in the base itself and locally.

Design and main features of the camera

We cannot deny that the design of this camera is truly spectacular and offers the possibility of mounting it anywhere thanks to its resistance to water, dust and other inclement weather. The camera features an elongated, glossy black design.

In the market there are this type of bells similar to the Eufy dual camera but in this case we quite liked the gold finish of the part where the lens is located and the rest all in black. The negative to say something about this camera is that the doorbell button is somewhat hidden. This can lead people who want to ring the doorbell to doubt, because it would have been great to put some kind of bell marking on the round part of the button to clearly identify this chime. This would be the only negative point that we found to the camera that is placed on the outside of our house.

Regarding the benefits or main benefits, we have to say that the main lens offers a resolution 2K HDR while the secondary is 1600 x 1200 HD. It offers surveillance of all kinds with identification of people from the smallest details thanks to the facial scanner and the option to add features of our relatives through the app. Its high dynamic range allows face detection and video of people even when backlit can be seen clearly.

The view offered by some smart cameras and doorbells is fair, the angles in this type of camera are important since they allow us to see everything that is happening outside our house. Logically this video doorbell has a microphone and a speaker to be able to communicate directly with people outside. On the other hand, it offers motion detection and heat detection, which is not really necessary here in Spain but is very useful in the United States.

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Installation of the camera at the door of the house

In this sense we can say that the installation of this video doorbell is really simple and We have a template in the box itself that will facilitate the installation. This is directly composed of two holes for two screws for which we will obviously have to make a hole in the wall with a drill. It is not complicated at all to install this camera on the outside.

The base named as HomeBase 2 that is also added in the house of this camera or video doorbell has to be connected to the Wi-Fi network of our home, this is important to receive a good video signal from the outdoor camera and we can say that the range is fair in some cases. In these cases, when the signal is somewhat fairer, the definition of the camera will drop a bit, so we recommend having the base placed as close as possible to the doorbell so that everything works perfectly and with high video quality.

Camera autonomy of about six months

In the box itself, a cable is added that is not long enough to be able to connect the video doorbell directly to a USB A socket as long as we have a tube through the wall, but this is not usually the case. It is because of that the camera offers an autonomy once charged to the maximum of approximately six months as indicated by the manufacturer. This logically can depend on the use we give to the camera, the number of times we connect to it or press the doorbell, etc.

What we are clear about is that the autonomy of the camera is more than enough to be calm. In this sense, we haven’t been around long enough to say whether or not the battery has run out, but in the time we’ve tested it, it has worked perfectly.

Eufy app, compatibility with other cameras and Alexa products

In fact, this firm has several similar products available and the option of being able to link them to each other is really great. We can be seeing all the cameras directly from our mobile application anywhere and that offers a really excellent peace of mind to the user.

Today the only problem we have is that most of us do not have the same brand products but that is why in this case Eufy offers us the possibility of enjoying this camera and its options together with other Alexa or Google devices. Assistant, does not support HomeKit Unfortunately.

In this way we can say that it is possible to link with any device compatible with Alexa so that the speakers notify us when someone rings the doorbell or we even have the option to see them with the devices that have an Amazon screen.

The options and features it offers are really interesting for any user who wants to be constantly protected at home, seeing what is happening outside at all times and trusting in the functionality and stability of this type of active security product.

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  • Unidentifiable doorbell button for some people

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