Eunice Rendón, coordinator of Agenda Migrante, won the award for exceptional humanitarian service

The work in favor of migrants that he has carried out Eunice Rendon, coordinator of Schedule Migrant, has been recognized with the annual award of recognition for exceptional service, commitment and international leadership in humanitarian action and migrant defense of the New York Circle, Refugees International.

The delivery was made during the 19th Annual Circle of New York, where it was recognized that at least 80 million people have had to flee their countries due to conflict, persecution and extreme weather-related disasters.

The virtual ceremony will be led by the journalist Jorge Ramos and the governing body of Refugees International. This event will have the intervention and support of activists in favor of human rights.

Democracy, human rights and non-intervention

It will be deliver recognitions to those who have shown their leadership and commitment to safeguard the rights of people who have left their nations in search of better opportunities.

Eunice Rendón joins the group of people who have received this award, among which stand out Ai Weiwei (Asian activist and artist), Samantha power (academic and recognized British diplomat), Christiane Amanpour (CNN correspondent and international affairs expert), Ann Curry, and Kerry Kennedy (President of Kennedy Human Rights).

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At the ceremony, they talked about the work that the Mexican activist has had in the country and in state United. Likewise, the effort carried out by Agenda Migrante and its allies was underlined through the more than 50 forums held together with opinion leaders carried out in both countries, the more than 10 working groups formed in favor of the defense migrant, as well as the support that the activist has made in terms of educational reintegration, housing and strategic ties.

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