Eurasian MacBook Pro data ends rumors

A few hours ago, the registration of new Apple Watch and new MacBook Pro was officially confirmed in the Eurasian database. If we pay attention to what happened before when data has been leaked in this database, we can say that the rumors about the launch or possible launch of these teams have been settled. It is not an official confirmation by Apple but almost, since these records always end up being a reality.

New 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros at a glance

Registered models do not indicate technical data of the equipment at any time, although it is true that rumors have been talking for months about equipment with somewhat larger screens due to their redesign. In this case, as happened last July with the iPhone 13 models that were leaked in the EEC database, now the leak is from the MacBook Pro.

We have been talking for months about the possible new Apple MacBook Pros by the end of this year and possibly they will end up arriving during the next month of September or October which is when these launches are usually made.

On the other hand, some rumors indicated that Apple would wait until next year to launch the new iMac, and this looks like it could finally be the case since there are no details of them in this database, at least for now. We must continue to be patient in this regard, but as my colleague Toni explains in this article, the filtration of the MacBook Pros in this database is almost almost the official confirmation of the launch of these new MacBook Pros.

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