EuroLinux Desktop, or a corporate Linux for Windows users

Created in Poland, EuroLinux is the Linux business desktop operating system, a cheaper option and a novelty among today’s operating systems.

On the one hand, combines the look and feel of Windows and macOS with the reliability and security of an enterprise server distribution. Actually, it is a solution designed for those people and companies that use Windows or macOS on a daily basis and are looking for a stable system with technical support experience. Apart from the familiarity offered by having an aesthetic similar to Microsoft and Apple.

Linux presents this option as the perfect combination between the functionality of a desktop system and the quality of a server, designed for office work, with competent multimedia support and access to more than 2,000 applications.

Like other similar options like Red Hat and SUSE, It is based on RHEL and uses a modified GNOME desktop environment to create a stable and secure operating system that is very easy to use.

Specific, EuroLinux is based on RHEL 9, so you benefit from the stability and reliability that Red Hat has built around its operating system. In other words, EuroLinux gives you the same trust on the desktop that RHEL gives you on the server. Because it is based on RHEL, EuroLinux enjoys seamless integration with server operating systems such as RHEL, Rocky Linux, and AlmaLinux.

Also, thanks to the GNOME desktopMicrosoft Exchange and Enterprise Login account options can be found, as well as Google, Nextcloud, Microsoft, Fedora, and IMAP/SMTP.

It also offers partially optional solutions such as PostgreSQL-Database –compatible EuroDBque and we have favored the EuroAP-middleware, and the EuroManque system management software to manage physical, virtual and cloud-based systems.

The extensive Release Notes have new scripts to ease the migration of the enterprise operating system from CentOS.

Improvable aspects of EuroLinux

EuroLinux is beneficial for companies, there is no doubt about that, however, it still has different aspects that need to be improved. EuroLinux doesn’t really show the server integrations as you might expect.

In Active Directory or LDAP login support is nonexistent, and it also does not have Samba. Without Samba installed, users cannot share directories over the network.

Another aspect that Linux should work on is improving the unattractive EuroLinux customization, with the Papirus icon theme on top of GNOME’s default application theme, Adwaita; endless GNOME extensions pre-installed although not all of them are active.

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