Europe bets on collaborative ecommerce deliveries

The crowdshippingor collaborative delivery, is experiencing a boom in popularity throughout Europe, thanks to the evolution in consumer preferences, and also to the commitment of companies and executives to models more respectful with the environment.

According to the company, Shopopop, the number of European supermarkets and shops that trust the ‘crowdshipping‘ increases every day, finding in this model the perfect way to optimize and reduce costs related to last-mile logistics, especially in times of inflation. In addition, at the same time, it allows them to strengthen their values ​​of social responsibility and commitment to the environment.

This branch of the collaborative economy, applied to messaging, makes it possible to take advantage of a person’s usual routes to take a package to another that is on its way. Clara Lloveres, Country Manager in Spain for Shopopop, assures: “we’ve seen how collaborative delivery integrates easily across multiple industries. It is an alternative to subcontracting the delivery service, which usually involves a large investment for businesses”.

The popularity of this model, together with the growth in delivery demand by customers, make Shopopop continue to strengthen its position as a leader in the main urban centers of France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain.

Having exceeded four million deliveries is an indicator of the promising future of the collaborative economy and, specifically, of “crowdshipping”.”, in Europe and Spain. A sign that shops and supermarkets are verifying the added value of Shopopop. Our goal is to continue working to publicize this type of delivery, helping consumers and businesses to offer more careful, fast and flexible deliveries.”, explains Clara Lloveres.

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