European certifications of masks begin to cease, according to OESP complaint

The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Masks, Gowns and PPE, OESP, has launched an alert for cessation of some of the mask certifications that are being given in laboratories to community level

In this context, they claim the importance of these guarantees and they highlight that the materials produced by the association have all the necessary regulations, thus guaranteeing the safety and quality of the products.

This October, the OESP has warned that the website of the European Commission and the list of Notified Bodies NANDO notified that the authorization to certify the products according to the EU regulation 2016/425 of the Sertifikasyon Uygunluk Değerlendirme A.Ş laboratory, located in Turkey , it has not been renewed. This fact affects those products issued since June 1 of this year.

On the occasion of this event, OESP has wanted to inform all users that none of the manufactured batches by partner manufacturers is affected for this event.

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The group of associates, following OESP’s values ​​of guaranteeing a quality, safe and fair production and distribution of sanitary material, defends the usefulness and importance of this type of certification. In addition, they warn of the danger that the lack of information and transparency of the products that are put on sale for the whole of society can pose.

Francisco Sánchez, president of OESP points out that, “Guaranteeing and informing the consumer that the product they purchase is safe and of quality must be one of the priorities of all manufacturers at a European level. It is important that all manufacturers are aware of the situation and can offer a safe product, guaranteeing the whole of society protection against different ailments”.

OESP advocates for safe and quality production

All OESP members are licensed by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS). “This requirement is essential to belong to OESP because in this way we guarantee the technical quality of the products manufactured and highlight their value compared to other manufacturers, national and international, who do not have this certification”, says Sánchez.

Thus, from OESP, the aim is to achieve the union of all the companies that have decided to develop this activity in Spain in order to promote and homogenize the national product market to protect it and give it value.

Sánchez adds that “We seek to highlight the role of companies that respect the rules, current regularization and legal provisions that guarantee compliance with certifications according to Spanish and European regulations”.

With this, OESP is also working to achieve high quality standards in relation to imports and claim that “self-sufficiency” should prevail and prevail at the European level to guarantee supply of this type of sanitary material.

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