Evans Hankey steps down as Apple’s chief hardware designer

Evans Hankeythe person who replaced the legendary Jony Ive in 2019 as Apple’s chief hardware designer has decided to leave the company After three years. Of course, she will remain in her position on an interim basis for the next six months, until the company finds someone to replace her.

Apple has already maneuvered for Gary Butcher, who was one of the main designers of Dye and is currently vice president of design at Airbnb, to return to the corporation of the bitten apple, although it is not yet clear what position he will hold.

for now There is no information on the reasons for the departure of Evans Hankey. Apple, for its part, has limited itself to reaffirming in statements to Bloomberg that its design team has “strong leaders with decades of experience” and creates products that are “undeniablycompany representatives.

Apple has traditionally been a benchmark in terms of design, although there are many who criticize the lack of freshness in this regard, mainly since the death of Steve Jobs. However, MacBook computers and other personal computers equipped with ARM processors have given it a certain freshness in recent years.

iMac 2021

It’s unclear how much Evans Hankey’s exact contribution to the design of Apple products is, but during his tenure there were certain that were reworked and some subtle evolutions were seen. For example, the company ditched the use of unpopular butterfly keyboards on MacBooks for more practical ones and introduced major design changes seen on the iMac M1.

The loss of Evans Hankey will be important for Apple, but surely not impossible to replace, especially seeing that we are talking about one of the largest corporations in the world and that therefore it has money left over to hire all the talent it needs, if it is right With the ideal person for such an important position, it is not an easy task considering their level of demand.

In case anyone is wondering, Alan Dye, who replaced Jony Ive himself in the area of ​​software design and has worked with Evans Hankey, will remain in his position.

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