Even Google uses ChatGPT, Free integrates VPNs into its mobile application, this is the recap

A former Google employee accuses the firm of using ChatGPT to develop its in-house rival, Free is launching a new feature to anonymize its downloads, Nintendo has sent development kits for the Switch 2… welcome to the recap of the day before!

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Two leaks that made headlines yesterday. First, there was the statement by Jacob Devlin, a former Google employee, who accused the company of having taken data from ChatGPT to develop its own response. On the video game side, Nintendo is giving hope by having supposedly sent the Switch 2 development kits. Finally, in France, Free has deployed a very interesting update for its Free Files application.

Bard would have been developed thanks to ChatGPT

This is the clash everyone has been talking about since the beginning of the year: since Microsoft integrated ChatGPT into many of its proprietary tools, Google is in a hurry to launch its own response. This one, presented under the name of Bard, would obviously have every interest in taking inspiration from the OpenAI chatbot. And according to a former employee of the firm, this is precisely what it does. Indeed, Jacob Devlin accuses the company of having used “data from indirect sources” from ChatGPT.

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Free will allow you to download your files discreetly

With Free Files, the troublemaker of telecoms already offers a very complete solution on smartphone to manage the files stored on its box. However, the application has just received a new update which adds a very practical feature: the possibility of linking your VPN. Once done, it is thus possible to download its files in complete anonymity.

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New Nintendo Switch 2 leak brings hope

It is very difficult to distinguish the true from the false regarding the leaks around the Nintendo Switch 2. However, each of them gives a little hope to the players, and this last one is no exception to the rule. Especially since this one is particularly promising: according to the leaker OreXda, the Japanese manufacturer would have indeed sent the console development kits to the development studios. In other words, the release is just around the corner.

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