even Nintendo acknowledges that the new Zelda is like BOTW

Next June 6 we will finally have the new Zelda in stores, a Tears of the Kingdom who comes to give us back the time lost since the last game. Almost five years in which all those who finished the first title for Switch have been orphaned by Link’s adventures. However, what can we expect from this new installment of one of the most famous franchises on the planet?

The trailers have already warned us

The fact is that practically from the beginning of the development of Tears of the Kingdomwhen they began to publish images of how it could become, it became clear that the Japanese had decided to follow the same path, at least as far as the visual aspect is concerned, what was seen in 2017 with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. What is surprising is that they come out to recognize the obvious. Because?

Well, a game can be aesthetically similar to another but have nothing to do with it. For example, within the Zelda universe we have The Wind Waker for GameCube with a very clear and original visual style but then we enjoyed for Nintendo DS two cartridges that are true masterpieces, such as Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. All three have many playable differences despite that graphic line that unites them all.

Well, in this case The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom It has surprised us that the person in charge of the game, the mythical Eiji Aonuma, has come out to affirm that while they were developing it, came to have, he and his team, a Deja vu as if they were still with Breath of the Wild.

Things kept taking the same course

In a curious article on Nintendo’s own official blog, Aonuma comes to tell that “we were supposed to develop something different but everything we did gave a similar impression to what we had done before. But as development progressed, we looked at the game as a whole and sometimes we found that those things suddenly took a different shape because of the new elements we added.”

Even so, they couldn’t shake the feeling that they had already seen what they were working on, which was interpreted as things being in their place, surely, because they came inherited from Breath of the Wild. Hence the attempts by the team to end that feeling of Deja vu looking for new mechanics and elements for the game although in the end, many of them will end up staying.

“We often experience a strong Deja vuparticularly in the early stages of development and we think that it was mandatory to transform the way the game was perceivedor as much as possible. We worked hard with that goal in mind, but once we got to a certain point we were able to identify areas that would lose their appeal if we changed them” regarding Breath of the Wild.

Hence, when you look at the trailers for the new Zelda you see that, it seems, very few things have changed but is it really important? Nintendo has already had times in which its Zeldas were more or less the same as the previous ones and they have not stopped being complete successes.

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