Evercade VS, a retro console worthy of arcade games rooms

Quite unnoticed during its first release, the original Evercade was presented as a handheld console with cartridges, like a modern version of the classic Game Boy. Thus, the new Evercade VS seems to continue to seek in a certain part the wake of the classic Nintendo consoles, this time looking for a much more specific audience, this time opting for the retro games of the classic arcade game rooms.

We thus find a desktop console that supports up to four wired controllers, with two cartridge game slots, and that more current touch with an HDMI port for televisions and a USB power cable. And it is that although it may not postulate itself as a high-end machine like other modern retro consoles that we are seeing with more and more regularity, it will undoubtedly offer us a true nostalgic trip.

In fact, although this console is designed to be able to adapt, rescale and expand many of these games low output up to 1080p For larger screens, it is true that many games are not adapted for current playback devices. Reason the console includes the ability to switch to a classic playback modeAlthough it will not take full advantage of our screens, it will offer us an experience more in line with the games.

Using the same proprietary cartridges as the handheld, the Evercade VS has partnered with Notable publishers such as Data East, Atari, and Technōs to offer physical collections of some of the classic games of these companies, with recognizable titles such as Burger Time, Wizard Fire, Asteroids, Double Dragon or Pong, among others. Although undoubtedly one of the most interesting qualities of this console is that it adds a local multiplayer mode for these games, recovering much of this original experience that these games offered.

Nevertheless, the Evercade VS certainly comes under a price that is not excessively affordable, starting at the base 99.95 euros for the console along with a controller and one of the predefined game collections; or a premium offer that includes a second controllers and two cartridges of our choice for 129.95 euros. Although it is true that the cartridges do not focus on an exclusive game, but usually include more than 10 games depending on the publisher or the platform of the emulated games.

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