Every month I receive the same product from Amazon without ordering it, what happens?

The electronic commerce giant has become, on its own merits, the best option to buy online. Not only does it offer us very reasonable prices, but it also does not put any kind of impediment when it comes to returning your products and we can find all kinds of productsfrom towels, to mobile phones, through smart televisions, tablets, mattresses, clothes of all kinds, shoes, diapers and many more.

As if that were not enough, it also allows us to save money on Amazon when we need to buy a certain product from usual way, a functionality that is generally available among companies, where, if you buy more items, they lower the price, applying a rebate that varies depending on the product. This function, called Recurring Purchase on Amazon, allows us to automatically buy certain products so that we do not have to be aware of doing so when we know how long it will last.

Save money shopping on Amazon

At Amazon, within a wide range of products, we are not always going to pay the same price for making a single purchase over time as if we commit to making it on a recurring basis. An example is found, for example, in baby diapers, a more than recurring purchase. At Amazon, we have the possibility of buying a pack of diapers for X. If we opt for the recurring purchase, depending on the term we establish to receive that product, we can obtain between 5 and 10% discount.

This trick is used by many people to save money buying a single item, since they establish the recurring purchase to take advantage of the lowest price and after a few days, they cancel this purchase method. But, if we forget to cancel it, according to the time that we have established in this option, we will receive the same product at home until we cancel it. If we take advantage of this trick and receive the same product from Amazon again, it is because we opted for this option and did not cancel it at the time.

Amazon will charge us the amount of the product before sending it to our address according to the purchase schedule that we have established, so, if we leave account at that moment, we can cancel the order and payment directly from its website through the pulled apart accounts and listsin the section orders.

Recurring purchases are a very convenient way to buy certain products on Amazon that we know we are going to need, since it allows us to save money and, in addition, we do not have to worry about adding that product to the weekly shopping list, so we never we will run out of that product, as long as we properly schedule the shipment. Just as we can cancel this type of purchase, we can also modify the quantity and how often we want the delivery to be made, so if our needs change, we can adapt the Amazon order to these changes.

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