Everything Apple has told us about the Apple Watch Series 7

Yesterday we had a little disappointment when Tim cook and his team introduced us to the new Apple Watch Series 7. Many rumors with images and renders showed us a new design of the Apple Watch for this new series, with flat sides, smart straps, and a larger screen.

Well, they were only right on the new screen. The design remains the same, even the straps are compatible with the current ones. Now the screen is somewhat larger, and a little more. Nothing more remarkable compared to the current 6 series. A very poor update.

Few novelties We have seen in yesterday’s keynote of the Apple Watch Series 7 compared to the current Series 6. And we only know what was explained yesterday, since as it will still take a few weeks to be launched, we do not even have the technical specifications on the Apple website. We will have to wait. But let’s see what they have told us.

New screens and new sizes

Apple has trimmed the Apple Watch’s bezels to just 1.7mm thick, while the new curved edges help deliver an immersive, full-screen design.

It also incorporates larger screens: now you can choose between 41mm and 45mm, ditching the 40mm and 44mm in the Series 6. It sounds like a very minor change, but Apple says this allows for nearly 20% additional screen area. This makes all the difference when it comes to typing – there’s now room for a full on-screen keyboard.

Same processor and storage as Series 6

In theory, it features a new S7 chip. In practice, this new chip has the same CPU as S6 processor series 6 (t8301). Apple says this new processor is 20% faster than… the S5! This confirms that the performance of the S7 is the same as that of the S6. Meow

The internal storage hasn’t changed either. The new Apple Watch rides the same 32GB of series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. What has increased is weight. Depending on the model, there is a weight increase of 5% to 9% compared to the same current model.

Fast charge

With Apple Watch Series 7, Apple includes a faster loading pill, stating that it can charge up to 80% in just 45 minutes and that 8 minutes of fast charging will provide enough battery life for 8 hours of sleep tracking. To support the new fast charging, Apple will offer a new 1 meter USB-C magnetic fast charging cable.

If you keep using your current Apple Watch charger on a new Series 7 one, you lose the ability to fast charge. It will be curious to try it the other way around: a current Apple Watch with the new charger, to see if the fast charge works.

Same connectivity

In terms of connectivity, the 7 Series includes the same Bluetooth 5.0 protocol as the Series 6But, unlike the Series 6, the new Apple Watch Series 7 also has built-in support for Beidou, China’s satellite navigation system. The Series 7 also includes U1 chip, with no apparent improvements compared to the ultra-wideband chip found in the Series 6 or last year’s iPhone 12.

In summary, very little news with respect to the series 6. A little more screen, and little more. If you have a series 3 or 4, it is worth upgrading to the latest Apple Watch Series 7 (even if you still have to wait a few months to have it). Of course, if you have a series 6, not worth swapping for a Series 7.

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