Everything indicates that the stock of the Apple Watch Series 7 will be scarce

We already commented on it at the time when the arrival of reservations for the new Apple Watch Series 7 next Friday, October 8. The stock or the number of models available looks to be more scarce this year in the Apple smartwatch and this is confirmed by all the main Apple product analysts.

This is something that usually occurs frequently in the product launches of the Cupertino company, although it is true that This year it seems that this scarce product stock will be more marked. Apple will not miss the opportunity to put all possible models for sale at the time of reservations, but everything indicates that the stock will be limited.

Global launch, in a rush and with little stock

The arrival on the market of this Apple Watch Series 7 was done calmly, but Apple was in a hurry to launch it as soon as possible so as not to overlap sales with the possible new products that have to arrive this month. This means that, together with the scarce product stock, other external factors are added that make us think that: “If I do not buy it at the time of the launch of the reservations, I will run out of watch for a minimum month”.

It is evident that the changes implemented in the watch itself, together with the problems of supply of components, suggest that This launch will be much more limited in terms of units available on the first day of reservations. We will see what happens on Friday but while that uncertainty takes hold of those who are waiting to buy a new Apple Watch Series 7.

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