Everything new about Pokémon Snap and its first big update

What’s new in the Pokémon Snap update

Pokémon Snap is that game where the purpose is none other than to visit different places in order to find all kinds of Pokémon, but this time not to capture them but to photograph them. Yes, here the idea is to demonstrate your photographic skills and that ability to obtain the best frames of those most striking and difficult to see Pokémon.

With the new update you will have 20 new Pokémon to capture photographically speaking. Thus, the total comes to 234. In the trailer some appear as Psyduck, Tropio, Swalot, Rockruff, Feraligatr, Gyarados or Shroomish.

In addition to these new Pokémon they will also arrive new areas to explore and where you will be able to newcomers like other already existing ones and obtain photographs in different environments than the ones you already had. Which is not bad at all to give a new motivation to those who already practically completed 100% the game prior to said update.

The three new areas of Pokémon Snap after applying the update and this is what they tell us about each of them:

  • Hidden Path: The Neo-One becomes tiny as you enter this hidden route of the Floreo Natural Park, so, once there, you will see the Pokémon in giant size. This will allow you to capture even the smallest detail, such as the sound of their footsteps or their breathing. And you can even discover behaviors that you have not witnessed before!
  • River Rebos: This mighty river, running through a steep valley, is located in Bellus. Its waters support the entire island and attract a wide variety of Pokémon. In your research you will go down the river, so the excitement is guaranteed! Pay attention to the rapids you will cross while surveying the terrain and prepare the camera to photograph the Pokémon in action
  • Paramo Solano: On this route, you will have to study the badlands of Voluc. Whipped by the winds of the desert, it is an area with very peculiar characteristics, where you will find from impressive geysers to toxic swamps. Pokémon in this area hide underground or on cliffs. Explore every corner well during your expeditions to discover its hiding places!

All of these new areas can be explored both day and night, so it seems like it will be worth taking your camera out for a walk again.

When will the new update arrive

Well, The Pokémon Company will launch this first great update for Pokémon Snap the next day August 4th. It will be from that moment when you can begin to enjoy each and every one of the news that we have discussed.

The update should be done automatically just by turning on your Nintendo Switch, but if it doesn’t, check that you have automatic updates active or manually force their download and subsequent installation.

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