Everything we know about Foundation season 2

If there is something quite unanimous, it is that the first season of Foundation had a reception, I’ll say lukewarmboth with the public and with critics.

Moreover, it is not that much was said about the series and that was the adaptation of one of the most important works of science fiction.

That it is also true that Apple, with all its money, is not hitting the nail on the head in its series. That is clear when the one that has been talked about the most has been ted lasso. But that I deviate, because it stings that the novels of my namesake have had so little luster. At least, until now.

When does the second season of Fundación premiere

Its creator, David S. Goyer, declared to Collider that it is prepared to do it as soon as possible (which is the same as saying nothing) but that the production process could start during this 2022. That would mean that the premiere, although It does not have an official date, it would be throughout 2023.

Better not to wait for it at the beginning of the year, but rather in the second half or finals. The series requires significant effects and post-production.

And don’t worry about that might If you are a fan, actress Leah Harvey (Salvor Hardin in the series), has confirmed that they are already working on that second season.

That yes, the impasse of time gives a good account that it seems that they have been thinking about it before giving the green light to the new episodes.

What will the second season of Foundation be about?

At the end of the first season it is revealed that all Clones of Emperor Cleon (Lee Pace) are genetically unique. A group of the Resistance would have manipulated the DNA of the host body of Cleon I, ensuring that none of the current regents of the Empire is a clone identical to the original Cleon.

And why am I telling you this?

Because, in statements to NewsweekGoyer suggested that this revelation could mean a triumvirate in the second season. Thus, according to the creator, it would delve into the character differences between the clones and what it could mean for the Empire.

As for the plot of Gaal and Salvor, after the latter is revealed to be the daughter of the former, it also appears that time will be spent delving into the surprising relationship they have.

And, for fans of the books, it seems that the Second Foundation will take a relevant role in the second season.

New characters for the second season of Fundación

Foundation Characters

To the casting usual of the first, which seems to return in good part, given the plots that are to be followed, other new characters from the books will join.

According to Goyer, we will see Hober Mallow and General Bel Riosewith the intention of trying to introduce many more protagonists from the books over time.

Apparently the showrunner is working with the long-term views. Will you give him time?

How many episodes will the second season of Fundación have?

Just like the first season, will have 10 episodes.

How many seasons will Fundación have?

It is not known, everything that goes beyond the second is speculation. Of course, Goyer proposed a series of 80 episodes in total.

If everything was as before, that would mean Foundation would run for 8 seasons.

But, for now, to wait for the next one, which will still take time and hopefully it will come back. A lot of money has been invested and it seems that this is a bet to see if it is one of those series that takes off in the second season and the investment can be recovered.

If not…

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