Everything we know about Gran Turismo 7, the next PlayStation

Only one month left until Grand Touring 7 run on silicon Playstation 5. This new title coincides with the 25th anniversary of the franchiseand promises to be a banner for all motorhead from this world. In a State of Play published this week by Sony, Kazunori Yamauchi himself tells us the latest news that we will see in this installment, which are many more than we expected. The new game from Polyphony Digital looks really amazing. You want to know more? So stay put, fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight to the steering wheel.

These are the latest GT7 news

Let’s review point by point everything interesting that comes to Gran Turismo 7.


map gt7 grand tourer 7.

«We wanted to create a paradise, a vacation complex where we commemorate the car culture». Wow, these words from Yamauchi do not remind us of anything at all. Any resemblance to Forza Horizon is purely coincidental.. We will also have to dispute the music rallymaking it clear once again that the Microsoft saga has also laid a foundation in the Japanese franchise.

Inventory and sale of cars

second hand cars grand tourer 7 gt7

You will start the game with a Porsche Carrera Speedster ’56but don’t get too high, because when the Checkpoint race is over, you will have to find a car new. Well… more of a second paw.

It will be time to enter the trading app and, with a fairly low budget, you will have to choose a utility vehicle to compete in the first races. The application interface is simply brutal, since it is identical to second-hand websites that we all know.

Another very interesting feature is the brand inventory. There we can see the cars that we have from a specific manufacturer, but the thing does not stop there. is also andthe museuma kind of Wikipedia documented very well in a timeline with images that will explain the evolution of each brand.

Cafeteria and Menu Books

cars book menu gt7

Here you can have an expresso or a cappuccino while you consult a series of activities to complete in exchange for unlocking new cars. It is a letter where they will ask us to get hold of a series of vehicles to unlock others. To complete this “Car Pokédex” we will have to dispute races in the ‘Circuits of the World’.

Circuit Experience

gt7 experience circuits.

This could be the differential factor of Gran Turismo 7. If you have ever played a video game of this type and got bored after going off the track numerous times in a row, GT7 comes to solve this problem. This way will teach us to trace each circuit, working complete curves and sectors. In this way, we will know the peculiarities of each track to be well prepared when the important races come.

vehicle modifications

workshop modification gt7 gran turismo 7

The vehicle customization it will also have an important role in the title. There are approximately 60 different types of pieces. The game has official licenses from real brands. Through a complex panel, we will be able to change parts, touch dozens of options for the exhaust, the brakes, the turbo or any part you can imagine, improving the benefits of your vehicle.

customize cars gt7 gran turismo 7.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of visual modifications to cars. The game will feature more than 650 ailerons, 130 types tires And till 1200 official paintings. You will also be free to modify the livery of your vehicles, and we assume that you can also share them with other players. Oh, and you’ll have to do the maintenance of your carschanging the oil and even giving them a wash from time to time.

Cars, locations, places and circuits

Yamauchi promises more than 400 cars on launch day of the title, as well as a total of 34 different locations and ones 90 paths, among which the Nürburgring, the Red Bull Ring or Suzuka stand out. More cars, tracks and track configurations will also be added in future updates.

gran turismo 7 gt7 photo mode

All of these cars and locations can be used for a complex photo mode that will bring out the best of our creativity, choosing even professional photographic techniques to give an incredibly realistic touch to images.

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