Everything we know about the new (and promising) Pixel Watch

Few products have been leaked more times than Google’s smartwatch. For years the Pixel Watch It has become something of a myth. Finally, this 2022 it seems that the stars have aligned and the Pixel Watch will see the light after all kinds of renders were leaked last year. The appointment will be very soon, in the Google I/O, which is celebrated this year between May 11 and 12. What do we know about this smart watch?

Google’s smart watch is closer than we think

If we like something about Google, it is their products. There are many Android phones, but few work as well as the Pixel. And there are thousands of dongles for televisions with the Mountain View systems, but the experience when using a device like Chromecast with Google TV will always be superior to that of other brands. For the same reason, the doubt has always arisen as to how well optimized a smartwatch designed by the company itself What does the operating system do? That watch is none other than the Pixel Watch, a kind of urban legend that will finally go on sale.

We could think that it is another false alarm, but there is even three different filters that they would put their hands on fire for the Pixel Watch to be presented at Google I/O in 2022. And this is all they have told us through their posts on forums and tweets:

The Pixel Watch will be sold in two different sizes


Smartwatch manufacturers tend to adapt quite well to their audience. For this reason, they usually release several models of the same product with the aim of being able to sell the device to any customer, regardless of the size of their wrist.

The information that has been leaked about the Pixel Watch ensures that there will be a standard size (40mm) and a bigger one it should have a little more battery. No further details are known about the latter. Furthermore, it is known that there will be at least four different belts.

It will be a high-end product

Gone are the days when Google launched more affordable products, as happened with its Nexus range. The Pixel Watch looks like it will be a high-end product. In fact, his stock could be limited during the first few months.

According to Yogesh Bar, the price of the device will be between 300 and 400 dollars. We assume that it will vary depending on the size we choose.

The sensors will be courtesy of Samsung

pixel watch sensors

We have recently seen how Samsung reconciled with Google with its Galaxy Watch. According to various leakers, this new Pixel Watch would have some elements in common with the Galaxy Watch4 of the Koreans, especially highlighting the electrocardiogram sensor, although it would not be the only sensor for health metrics that the Samsung firm would carry.

According to the information provided by Yogesh Bar, everything indicates that the Pixel Watch will also integrate a Exynos family SoC. We do not know if it will be a chip already used by Samsung or if it will be a new version.

New version WearOS 3.1

Wear OS 3.1

The Google watch would release a new version of the operating system, also made in collaboration with Samsung. The system will have a new facelift, with a design that is quite reminiscent of their mobile phones.

In addition, the main screen displays the icon Fitbit -remember that Google took over the company a few years ago-, so everything indicates that the clock will synchronize its information and generate reports through the Fitbit ecosystem.

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