Everything we know about Windows 12: It’s coming sooner than you think

With the release of Windows Vista, 7, and 8, Microsoft had a three-year development cycle. That is, launch a new version of the three-year system. However, with the arrival of Windows 10, the company decided that this was going to be the last version of Windows as such. Finally, 6 years later, the giant went back on its words and released Windows 11, which today is the latest version of this operating system. However, this is about to change, and it is possible that, very soon, we will be able to install a new operating system on our computer: Windows 12.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, there are several indications that the company may already be preparing its new operating system. This is because Windows 11 uses the codename “Sun Valley«. The first major update of this operating system, which will arrive this year, will do so under the name «Sun Valley 2«. And, initially, we were expecting the second big update, «Sun Valley 3» by 2023, although it seems that the plans have changed.

Instead of releasing Sun Valley 3 as a new Windows 11 update in 2023, the company’s new roadmap suggests that this system will receive the news of this version within 22H2, that is, Sun Valley 2, in 2023 Such a radical and sudden change in the development of such a new operating system can only mean one thing: that Microsoft has already started work on Next Valleyits next operating system that, in the absence of official confirmation, should arrive in 2023 or, at most, in 2024.

Windows 11 - Start Desktop

Windows 12, what do we know about it?

For now, we can summarize everything we know about this system in one word: any. As we have already said, for now there is no official confirmation from Microsoft, so these are nothing more than rumors and speculations that, although they have some basis, can break water at any time.

Windows 12, also known as Next Valley, should be in the early planning and engineering stages. That is, if the rumors are true, this new system does not even exist yet. We cannot even know what approach it will have or what novelties we can find in it. Absolutely nothing. The only thing we can hope for is to guess the launch date of this system, and everything indicates that it will be at the end of 2023 or, more likely, in the first half of 2024.

Nor can we know anything about the changes that this system will bring, although it is true that the safest thing is that there is not much difference with the Windows 11 that we know right now. At least, in its early stages. The only sure thing is that a new change in Windows development cycles it can do us a lot of good, since it will allow the company to launch new versions, with new functions and changes, every very little time, which is always appreciated. In addition, after the change in the requirements of Windows 11, it would be rare to find more changes in this regard, so, contrary to what has happened with Sun Valley, which has made millions of PCs obsolete, with Next Valley it should not happen again

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