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create lists

You arrive at the supermarket and you do not remember what you had to buy. Or you have made a list by hand and left it at home. The Google assistant comes to solve the ballot for you. In fact, many users buy their first smart speaker just for this feature. We anticipate that it is highly recommended that you put a Google Nest Mini in the kitchen. Why? Because you can go doing the Shopping list as you run out of products from the pantry. You can add products to the shopping list or create your own lists. Here are a few examples:

  • ‘Hey Google, Add “fried tomato” to the shopping list‘.
  • ‘Hey Google, create the list “Leroy Merlin”‘.
  • ‘Hey Google, Add “drill battery” to the list Leroy Merlin’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youwhat do i have on the list of the purchase?’

Can you invoke any list saying the last command that we have given you. You can also cross off items that are already completed by using voice commands. It is one of the most useful features of any virtual assistant.

Listen to music

Google Home 2020 smart speaker

You can link several services of streaming of music to your Google account. To do this, go to the Google Assistant settings on your mobile and go to the ‘Music’ option‘.

At this point, you can sign in with your YouTube Music, Spotify, or Deezer accounts. You can also bind an app, which will open by default when you make a music command. Depending on which markets, compatibility list may be different, and other music streaming services may be added.

Once the link between your accounts and Google Assistant is made, you can use it in the following way.

  • ‘Hey Google, plays songs from Pablo Alboran’. (Will play on default service)
  • ‘Hey Google, play the latest song Rosalia on Youtube Music’.
  • ‘Hey Google, next song‘.
  • ‘Hey Google, for‘.
  • ‘Hey Google, play music classic’.
  • ‘Hey Google, play the latest episode of the podcast Cliffhanger’.

you can also put Ambiental music. This function is not so well known, but it is very useful if you want to create a relaxing space and you do not know specific songs to dictate to the assistant. If you are looking to put some white noise or natural soundstry doing the following:

  • ‘Hey Google, play sounds of rain’.
  • ‘Hey Google, plays sounds of nature’.

Timer and Alarm

google home nest timer

The timer It is another of the basic functions that our Google assistant will do in the kitchen. Does your pasta usually overcook? No problem. Read the instructions on the spaghetti wrapper, bring the pot to a boil, add the pasta, cover, reduce the heat and tell your assistant ‘Hey Google, 9 minute timer’. Over time, your pasta will be al dente. Timers are also useful if you often practice pomodoro techniquewhich consists of maximizing productivity by planning activity and rest times during a pre-established range of minutes.

On the other hand, you can also create all kinds of alarms. You’ll just have to tell your assistant the time: ‘Hey Google, set an alarm for 5pm’. Or ‘Hey Google, wake me up at 7am tomorrow’.

Calendar, Events, Weather and Reminders

google weather assistant

The Google assistant is also an absolute marvel so you don’t forget things. What is the use of adding reminders to your mobile if you lose notifications between so many Instagram likes, WhatsApp messages and YouTube suggestions? It is much better to do this process with the wizard.

  • ‘Hey Google, remind me to call Mom every Sunday at 8:00 p.m.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youwhat time I have the meeting today?’
  • ‘Hey Google, do youit’s going to rain today?
  • ‘Hey Google, do youhow is the traffic this morning?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, remember me “turning on the washing machine” when get home’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youthe flight leaves on time Ryanair 2134?’.

Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Translator

google assistant translate.

You can ask the assistant meaning of anything that comes to mind. For example: ‘Hey Google, what’s a funderelele?’. you can also ask dates, biographies either definitions of anything what you need Google Assistant will search for it on the Internet and try to give you the best possible answer:

‘Hey Google, do youhow big is the Mulhacén?’.
‘Hey Google, do youwhat country are you in Alsace?’.
‘Hey Google, do youwith what team competes Fernando Alonso?’.
‘Hey Google, do youin what year was it invented the phone?’.
‘Hey Google, do youHow do you say “555” in German?’.
‘Hey Google, do youhow to clean blood stains from a carpet?’. (This better not tell)

Sports information and Finance

google assistant sports

Another utility is query the attendee for real-time information about events that are being disputed at that very moment or have already finished.

  • ‘Hey Google, do youhow is he going Cadiz?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youwho has won the Monaco Grand Prix?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youhow much is bitcoin today?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youhow much has it risen today the S&P500?’
  • ‘Hey Google, do youhow was the last Madrid Barca?’.

Calculator and unit converter

google assistant units

Another great wonder of voice assistants is the ability to do quick calculations either convert units. This is very useful when you are not focused enough to do mental calculation or you are given a figure in an odious imperialist measure. Try the following commands:

  • ‘Hey Google, do youhow much is 21 percent of 465?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, 250 for 14′.
  • ‘Hey Google, 12.5 raised to 3′.
  • ‘Hey Google, 3 gallons to liters‘.
  • ‘Hey Google, 12 inches to centimeters
  • ‘Hey Google, 150 horsepower to kilowatt‘.
  • ‘Hey Google, 6 cups of flour to grams‘.

Recognize other people’s voice

google tv assistant

Initially, Google Assistant will only recognize the voice of the first user to log in to the product. However, you can make any member of the house can interact with the robot.

To add it, just use your mobile to open the Google Assistant settings within the Google app. Then go to Voice Match and click on the option ‘Invite other users to use your devices‘. Once that step is done, a tool will appear to learn the voice of each person you add. You will also have to give it a name and accept a series of steps, permissions and privacy policies.

Make me call you by another name

Google Assistant tricks

Suppose that your name appears in your Google account, José María. But no one calls you that. No problem Chema. There’s a solution. Do the following:

  • ‘Hey Google, call me “Chema” hereinafter‘.
  • ‘Hey Google, call me “Noble Giant”‘.


Google Nest Cam

As long as you have the equipment appropriate, you can use your assistant to invoke different smart devices that you have at home. The most common are smart light bulbs, programmable plugs, air conditioners or robot vacuum cleaners. These are some of the most common commands if you have any of these systems installed:

  • ‘Hey Google, turns off Kitchen room’.
  • ‘Hey Google, turn on Nanoleaf’.
  • ‘Hey Google, vacuum the house with the Roomba’.
  • ‘Hey Google, put the air conditioning at 22 degrees’.
  • ‘Hey Google, put to heat the sous vide at 55 degrees’.
  • ‘Hey Google, turns off the whole house’.

random events

You can also let Google Assistant decide the fate. If you’re going to throw something luck, no one will be able to accuse Google Assistant of being biased. You can try different commands related to the randomas the following:

  • ‘Hey Google, flip a coin
  • ‘Hey Google, generate a number between 0 and 10′.
  • ‘Hey Google, generate a number between 1 and 100’.

Messages between speakers

google nest devices

If you have multiple Google Homes or Google Nests, you can send messages between them:
‘Hey Google, advertise it’s time for dinner’.
‘Hey Google, announce that we are going to clean the house’.
‘Hey Google, announce that the game is about to start’.

Filters for children

google nest assistant kids

If your house is domotized, your small children they will need to be able to interact with the assistant on a daily basis to turn lights on or off, for example. If you want to prevent the little ones from consulting information that is not appropriate for their age, you can limit access. To do so, you will have to go to the wizard settings and then to the section Welfare. Once that is done, you will have to create a specific filter for non-explicit content. You can too limit schedulesfor example.

Entertainment and Curiosities

google nest curiosity assistant

All virtual assistants have their easter eggs. Little pills that the programmers add so that we can have a good time asking the robot nonsense, with the most varied answers. These are some of the ideas that you can ask the Google assistant:

  • ‘Hey Google, Tell me a joke?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youwhat is the animal of the day?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youWhat is your favorite color?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youWhat is the meaning of life?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youwhat do you think about alexa?’.
  • ‘Hey Google, do youyou dedicate yourself to spying on me?’.

Routines, the all-in-one Google Assistant

Everything you have learned in the previous section can be combined using the routines. are configured within Settings > Routines inside of google app. With them you will be able to carry out different tasks at the same time, either with a single voice command or by programming them to be carried out automatically at certain times of the day.

Routines cannot be configured coque la voz. Instead, you have to use your mobile to create them. Doing it is simple, and under a single command you can group as many actions as you need.

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