Everything you didn’t see from the trailer for the latest Marvel: Thor Love and Thunder

finally we have news Thor Love and Thunderthe fourth Marvel movie based on the famous character from the comics and that will surely go down in history as the movie that has taken the longest to show a trailer so few release dates. Remember that we can enjoy this installment in theaters from July 7, so there are barely more than two months left for us to clear up any doubts about everything we will see from this new adventure of the God of Thunder.

Some confirmed suspicions

Marvel has already shown some of the cards of the film and now we know that the action will take place shortly after the events experienced in avengers endgame. There, Thor will make very good friends with the Guardians of the Galaxy, which it seems that he will join, although in reality it will not be so. Thor is tired of that superhero life and it seems that he will begin to search the Galaxy, and on his own, for other types of activities that stimulate him more. Something that will bring us the memory of that distracted and partying God of Thunder that we already saw, for example, in the series What if…?

Thor Love and Thunder

The problem is that in the middle of that sabbatical, a threat (played by Christian Bale) called Gorr, known as “butcher of the Gods”, a name that does not mean that he provides steaks and other cuts for good feasts, but rather that he is the one that annihilates any form of life that crosses his path. From Marvel itself they describe the synopsis of the film remembering that this supervillain “seeks the extinction of the gods”. So to combat this new threat, Thor will have to ask the Valkyrie king for helpKorg, and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, who, to Thor’s surprise, inexplicably wields his magical hammer, Mjolnir, like the mighty Mighty Thor.”

Thor Love and Thunder

And there we have another surprise. Reluctant as she was to mingle with heroes, Natalie Portman has realized that nothing can be done against superhero movies and has decided to become one of them, so we can see her in the trailer already dressed in those clothes that leave Jane behind, to get into the dynamics of her partner (in the movies) and try save the universe again. So we’ll see how the gallons feel to mighty thor in a film in which there is a great absence…

Where is Loki?

Loki - Pompeii

As a result of the Disney + series, the number of fans who worship the God of Lies has skyrocketed and, for this reason, it has been chosen that after the first teaser of Thor Love and Thunder there is no trace of him. But the truth is that if chronologically the film takes place just after avengers endgame, and considering what is going on with good old Loki, it is more than evident that while Thor seeks to make sense of his life and fights against Gorr, his adoptive brother is entangled in the time travel of the AVT (Temporal Variation Authority) , so it is complicating that both can coincide in the film. Or will they in the end?

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