Everything you need to know about PS5 Chassis B

In order not to get confused, we are going to talk only about the console models sold in Europesince there are multiple variants depending on the region in which the product is marketed and it makes no sense to talk about the models that we cannot access in our market.

As you may know, the PlayStation 5 is sold in two different formats: with and without disc reader. The original PS5 model with a disc drive was called CF1-1016A, while the digital version was codenamed CFI-1016B.

Well, the first models that have been marketed in our region as of mid-2021 receive the names of CFI-1116A (version with disc player) and CFI-1116B (purely digital version). These two models mount the new Chassis B.

By the way, to differentiate, many media are going to refer to these models as ‘2020 10X’ and ‘2021 11X’. if you wonder where to buy this consoleall PS5 models currently in stores are from this new specification.

Differences between PS5 Chassis A and Chassis B

YouTube: Austin Evans

It is not only the weight that is the big difference between these two models. Sony has taken note of some of the problems that the original PS5 had and has tried to fix them in this new edition.

Differences in the heatsink

ps5 dissipation system ayb

YouTube: Austin Evans

Like any current performance device, the PS5 does not escape having certain difficulties in terms of heat dissipation it means. This does not mean that we will have thermal throttling during our games (as it can happen in some models of laptops gaming), but it is seen that they have discovered a new, more efficient method of lowering the temperature from the console.

Chassis B mounts a new heatsinkwhich curiously is less bulky, but it is more efficient than the original. You can see a comparison between the two pieces in this video by Austin Evans, who dissects the two models of the console and puts both parts in parallel so you can see the differences. He dares to say at first glance that it is worse, but as we will see in the next paragraph, appearances are deceiving.

Now you’re probably wondering if the heatsink change was worth it. At the user level, it is difficult to draw conclusions. However the youtuber specialized in hardware Gamer Nexus has made multiple test of performance to both consoles to draw conclusions. In general, the difference exists, but according to this expert, Sony could further improve temperatures by applying liquid metal instead of thermal paste the different ten from the console.

ps5 dissipation

YouTube: Austin Evans

From a global point of view, the components that benefit most from the change are the VRMwhich significantly reduce its temperature, guaranteeing longer shelf life at the same time that they optimize a more stable energy delivery, since a good cooling of these components ensures that there are no voltage drops. In this way, the CPU frequency of the console will remain stable. They exist almost 6 degrees difference comparing one model with the other. Lto RAM memory it also sees its temperature reduced by a couple of degrees. However, the youtuber He emphasizes that the memory of the PS5 fails due to temperature at 95 or 110 degrees depending on the memory manufacturer that has touched us in our unit.

Despite these changes, it is worth remembering that we must make good use of the console to ensure that its useful life is not reduced by temperature. We should never encase it, or cover its vents. The PS5, like any new generation console or any computer gaming, it must be located in a place where it can take in clean air, in order to reduce the temperature of its internal components. In the same way, we must be especially careful if we have pets at home, since the hair in suspension can clog the ventilation slots, even more so if we use the console near the ground. In those cases, it is recommended to do a little console maintenance from time to time. What’s more, Sony has thought of a system of filter cleaning so that any inexperienced user can do it at home, just like we explain in this video:

New base for the console

The PS5 can be placed both vertically and horizontally. However, to stand it up you need a accessory which comes in the console box itself. It is a round base which is screwed to the bottom of the console with a screw.

In the original model, the screw was very thin, and required the use of a tool such as a screwdriver yes or yes. In the new revision, Sony has chosen to use a screw with a wider head. In the same way, they have enlarged the hole in the base so that we can insert our fingers alreadytighten the screw directly with our hands. However, it would have been more sensible to put a screw in the form of a carabiner, as many of the tripod shoes on cameras have. Simply because whoever has big hands will still have to use a screwdriver to assemble the base.

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