EVGA already has a board for AMD, is the X570 the best for Ryzen CPUs?

The leak comes from the famous overclocker and EVGA collaborator Vince Lucido “Kingpin”, who even has EVGA graphics cards named after him, so this means that this overclocker already has the motherboard in his possession, most likely sent by himself. manufacturer for testing and overclocking.

The EVGA X570S Dark, with the socket and RAM rotated

There is a lot of information that we can get from this image leaked by Kingpin, starting with the fact that it has, as we have already mentioned, the socket rotated 270 degrees with respect to what is usual. This means that the heatsinks that we mount, and unless they allow rotation in their assembly, will be removing the air upwards and not backwards, something that can be a serious enough impediment to have a good flow of air in the box (it is also quite It’s likely designed for liquid cooling systems, of course).

This has also forced the manufacturer to arrange the sockets to install the RAM memory at the top instead of to the right of the socket, further reducing its number from the usual 4 sockets to just 2. Not many people actually use 4 memory modules and, in fact, the usual thing for overclocking is to make use of only two RAM memory modules; however, for the ordinary user this may also be a disadvantage for future use. memory upgrades.

We can also observe a detail that we did like a lot, and that is that all the power connectors, which in this case are the 24-pin ATX and two 8-pin EPS, they are on the right side and also turned 90 degrees out, making it much easier not only to connect them, but also to channel them through the box and hide the cables so that they are not seen, leaving a much cleaner assembly (and comfortable for those who assemble it). He too USB 3.0 connector it is turned and out, positioned just under the EPS connectors.

The EVGA X570S Dark incorporates a large aluminum heatsink covering the M.2 NVMe sockets, it has two metal-reinforced PCI-Express 4.0 x16 sockets, and the AMD X570S chipset itself is covered by a large heatsink (you cannot see if has active cooling or not). The board also incorporates a 4-digit POST display and power and reset buttons on the PCB itself. We can also see that on the back the plate incorporates a large number of USB ports, surely 3.1, and connectors for antennas that indicate that the plate has WiFi as standard.

EVGA has not provided information on this motherboard at this time, so we do not know its specific technical specifications, release date or price yet.

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