exit the sales, AliExpress displays the phone at an unprecedented price

The excellent mid-range device from Samsung sees its price turn red. On AliExpress, the Galaxy A52s comes at an unprecedented price.

A few months ago, Samsung made its new Galaxy A52s official. The Korean brand had quickly run out of stock of its classic A52 due to the global semiconductor disruption. She therefore released a new device with a slightly different processor and whose value for money is still convincing.

On the mid-range, this Galaxy A52s is a great product. It is also out of stock on the official site in most colors, knowing that it is sold for 459 €. Luckily, it is AliExpress which this morning unveils a flash sale on this smartphone. It thus drops to only € 326 instead of € 459 with the code FRWS40.

This offer starts here from 9:00 a.m. on Monday:

I take the offer

When we see such a low (and unprecedented) price on the Samsung Galaxy A52s, we have to face the facts: it will not last. You must therefore know how to activate so as not to miss this opportunity. The product is delivered from a warehouse in France (VAT included) with a right of withdrawal of 20 days. In the worst case, you can always return it if you bought it too quickly.

Why take a Galaxy A52s?

Released in September, the Samsung Galaxy A52s is a perfect choice for a mid-range smartphone. Korean is known to be the best in this segment with its generation of smartphones A. Like all the brand’s other devices, it runs on Android. Samsung has added a design layer (One UI) to personalize its experience as much as possible.

On the aesthetic side, we first find a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Clearly, few mid-range can say the same. Samsung is however known to be the great world reference for smartphone screens, so it does not skimp on the quality of its products. The slab is exceptional, you will quickly be won over.

The main difference between the Galaxy A52 and the A52s is the processor. The Korean is out of stock of the former due to the broken Snapdragon 750G chips. He therefore had to move on to the Snapdragon 778G which are more powerful (engraved in 6 nm). Officially, the A52s is a bit more expensive than the base model except that the AliExpress discount drops it much lower.

With such a processor, Samsung also manages to offer very good photo quality and good image processing. There is a quadruple photo sensor on the back of the smartphone: 64 Mp wide angle, ultra wide angle, macro and portrait. If you want to have fun taking pictures without spending 1000 € in a smartphone, the Galaxy A52s is a very good choice.

I take the offer

Finally, the last point concerns autonomy. This is a very important parameter on the entry and mid-range. And here, the Samsung Galaxy A52s is not doing it half-way since it has a 4,500 mAh battery. It is one of the most enduring in its segment and it will easily come in 1.5 days (or more if you have standard use). Samsung has optimized the 120 Hz screen and processor to last as long as possible.

AliExpress explodes the price in flight

From a value for money perspective, the Galaxy A52s is a very good product. It is positioned as an almost high-end device at an unusually low price. This is especially the case with this offer signed AliExpress which drops it from € 459 to only € 326. You save more than 130 € on this device which is only 4 months old. On a brand like Samsung, it’s a big deal.

AliExpress has decided to resume the year 2022 in force after having sublimated the end of the year with its Single Day. The world’s leading e-commerce merchant is positioned with strong brands: Samsung, Apple or Xiaomi in tech, for example. It is today a benchmark in the online commerce segment, including in France where it is placed in the Top 5.

To establish its notoriety in France, AliExpress worked on the product offer and on the warehouses. Now, a majority of its products are delivered in less than 3 working days, free of charge, from a logistics warehouse in France. So you have the same service that you could get from the competition. But in addition, the price of products is much lower than elsewhere.

This is the case, for example, with this Samsung Galaxy A52s which is completely tumbling down. This is a price that has never been seen before, whether on AliExpress or any other merchant site. If you want to enjoy the latest mid-range smartphone from Samsung, this is the best price and the best choice. The Galaxy A52s is the great benchmark of the moment, you can go there with your eyes closed.

To discover the A52s, it’s here:

I take the offer

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