Expand internet coverage with these Wi-Fi repeaters on sale

The operators do not carry out any previous study when installing the router that will give us an internet signal in our home so that all rooms have enough coveragebut are limited to installing it in the room closest to the street, forcing users to juggle in order to extend coverage to the rest of the home, either by using signal repeaters, using a PC as a Wi-Fi repeater, or moving the router, although this option is not always feasible.

The solution to this problem can be more or less expensive depending on the budget we want to spend. The simplest thing is to use a Wi-Fi repeater, a repeater that acts as a bridge between the router and the rest of the rooms where coverage is conspicuous by its absence. These devices are very cheap and we can find them from 15 euros.

Another option is to use PLC. PLCs are devices that connect to the router through an ethernet cable and in turn to the electrical network to bring the internet signal to any area of ​​our home, even if we live in a castle through another device that acts as a signal receiver connecting to the electrical network. These devices cost double or triple that of Wi-Fi signal repeaters, however, they offer us a higher signal quality and, of course, a greater range by not having to be connected via wireless to the device that emits the signal, that is, to the router.

Although they are more expensive, if we take advantage of any of the different offers that we can find on Amazon, we can save us some good money and start enjoying quality Wi-Fi coverage in our castle.

D-Link DHP-P601AV

The manufacturer D-Link puts at our disposal the DHP-P601AV model, a model that primes us to enjoy the maximum speed of data transmission in our home. It includes a 1 Gigabit ethernet port, making it an excellent option to enjoy maximum speed on a computer or TV that is close to the router. This model, does not include Wi-Fi connectivity, has a usual price of 66.99 euros, but currently with the 52% discount that it has, we can buy it for only 31.99 euros.

TP Link TL-WPA4220

If we are looking for an internet signal repeater that, in addition to offering connectivity through an ethernet port, also includes support for Wi-Fi connectivity, the model we are looking for is the TP-Link TL-WPA4220. This PLC includes, in addition to the Wi-Fi signal, two ethernet outputs, making it an excellent option for connecting to both computers and smart TVs. This model has an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of a possible 5 after receiving more than 20,000 ratings. Its price on Amazon is €58.99.

TP Link TL-WPA4220

Mercusy’s MP510

One of the cheapest options that we can find in PLC within the Amazon catalog is from the manufacturer Mercusys. This manufacturer offers us the MP510 model, a model that includes support to extend the signal via Wi-Fi and through an ethernet cable. The usual price of this model is 54.9 euros. However, he currently has a 18% discountbeing its final price of 44.99 euros.

Mercusy's MP510

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