Expanding the memory of Xbox Series will be cheaper with these new solutions

New Expansion Disc for Xbox Series

In the case of Xbox, the option that currently exists is very practical, but expensive. Microsoft designed easy-to-install memory cards that allow you to expand your console’s internal memory in seconds. The problem is that the available model is 1 TB, a capacity that is great for us to continue installing more and more games, but whose price amounts to no less than 259 euros.

Taking into account that the Xbox Series S costs 299 euros, it is quite violent that the expansion solution costs practically the same as the console itself, so in Redmond they have decided to launch a cheaper model. How? Well, offering less capacity, of course.

The result is another 512GB expansion card, a capacity that will also allow us to continue installing many more games. Let us remember that, in order to install new generation games on an external disk, we must use the official solutions that allow us to reach the necessary speeds so that everything works perfectly, hence we are limited to the expansion card in the case of Xbox , or certain SSDs in the case of PS5.

The new 512GB expansion card has not been officially announced, however, it seems that a store has already received units and someone has not been slow to share the first images. Unfortunately, we still do not know the official price with which it will reach the stores, so we will have to wait for the official statement from Microsoft to find out about doubts. Of course, seeing that the product is already in view, the announcement should not take too long.

Also an external disk

Xbox Series X features

In addition, another storage product has appeared on the scene, and that is that an external USB disk with SSD technology will also come with the Xbox seal and Seagate technology. It is a USB drive that will offer 1 TB of capacity, and although will not be used to run Series X | S games directly from there, at least its speed will serve to transfer the facilities from one unit to another quite quickly.

With this solution, Xbox would have its storage proposal covered with SSD options that offer maximum speed in all connection options. With the arrival of the 512 GB version, the expansion cards will be a little cheaper, so it will be easier to get one, even if it is 512 GB, which is not bad either.

Of course, with the number of games that arrive and the possibilities with Xbox Game Pass, any type of storage will be too small for us sooner or later.

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