ExpressVPN VPN starts the year with a shocking offer

To start the year off right by equipping yourself with the best VPN on the market, don’t miss this shocking offer at ExpressVPN.

To protect yourself on the Internet, watch your favorite channels from abroad or browse anonymously, VPNs are now seen as a first choice solution. Among them, ExpressVPN particularly stands out with an ultra-qualitative offer and unparalleled performance. To start the year off right, don’t miss its shocking offer with 49% discount and 3 months free.

Enter the ExpressVPN offer

ExpressVPN: an essential tool for many Internet users

A VPN is computer software that can be easily installed on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or even on Android Smart TVs or certain routers. With just a few clicks, you can connect to a network of servers all over the world and this gives you several advantages.

Indeed, connecting to a server of your VPN provider, here, ExpressVPN, not only allows you to assign a new IP address, but also to encrypt your data, ensuring you browsing not only anonymous, but also secure.

With over 3000 servers in 94 countries, ExpressVPN is setting the bar very high. For example, you can connect to the United States in order to have an American IP address and unblock US TV channels, or simply access the films and series available exclusively on American Netflix.

The success of ExpressVPN is due not only to its very large network, but also to excellent connection speeds. It is important to note that there are hundreds of VPN providers. Lots of free VPNs offer very poor performance and it is for this reason that Internet users mainly prefer paid VPNs. These allow access to many more advantages, but also provide flawless security.

A shock offer to start the year

If you want to enjoy all the advantages Best VPN of 2022, don’t waste another second. Indeed, to start the year, ExpressVPN displays a promotion that is worth seeing.

With 49% off and 3 months free on its 1-year subscription, you will only get $ 6.67 / month, or around € 5.87 with the current rates. For comparison, you should normally pay around $ 12 per month without the promotion. Please note, to take advantage of this promotion, you must make the payment in 1 installment, and pay $ 100 for 15 months of ExpressVPN protection.

Be aware that no matter what, ExpressVPN offers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. You will therefore take no risk to test its service and if you are ever not completely satisfied, you can always request a full refund. For that, nothing too complicated, just go to the ExpressVPN site, contact customer support reachable 24/7/365 by online chat, request your refund, and you will get it.

To grab this promotion of 49% and 3 months free at ExpressVPN, go to its official website via the link below.

Enter the ExpressVPN offer

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