External monitors to turn your Xbox Series X and S into a portable console

From Kickstarter to revolutionizing the market

It all started with the xScreen a curious 11.6-inch screen with 1080p resolution at 60 Hz that appeared in kickstarter. allowed to connect to the Xbox Series S directly, without the need for an extra power connector. A matter of attaching the screen to the console, tightening the safety lock and plugging the console into power. A brilliant solution to play video games with some independence if we only have a television at home. In addition, xScreen allowed the screen to be folded and everything was left as a simple all-in-one device.

xScreen also has two stereo speakers, as well as settings to manage the brightness and contrast of the screen. Its weight is only 695 grams and it was launched for about 160 euros during its financing round.

Since then, dozens of competitors have copied xScreen’s move. There are currently quite a few accessories of this type for both Xbox Series S and Series X. If you are interested in one of these accessories, these are the most interesting models you can find at the moment:

External displays for Xbox Series S

These are the best for Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console.


We cannot start this top without mentioning the product that started it all. The original xScreen is now available in stores for $250. It has 100% positive reviews. You can buy this accessory on the website of Upspec Gamingwhich are the ones that have the exclusive distribution of the product at the moment.

Case Club Waterproof

Case Club Xbox Series X or S

It is not the most elegant accessory of all, but it is one of the most versatile. The Case Club is a briefcase in which you will be able to introduce both the Xbox Series S and its older sister. It allows to save the Xbox controls and some games in case you have the Series X.

The design of this model is somewhat more chaotic. The monitor has a size of 24 inches and a resolution 1080p@60Hz with a response time of 8 milliseconds. The whole set forms a rigid case, perfect to withstand shocks and even resistant to water. It also has its own speaker system. Its price is somewhat crazy, but we understand that it has its audience.

Screens for Xbox Series X

The most interesting models for the Xbox Series X are the following.

G-STORY 12.5” Xbox Series X Monitor 1080p

G-STORY 12.5

We start with this entry model from G-Story. cost a few 200 euros and it is a monitor with 12.5-inch 60Hz IPS panel. His resolution on Full HD, so we are not going to squeeze the full potential of the console, but that does not make it a bad product.

It is a great purchase if you are not going to use this accessory very intensively. The G-Story is attached to one of the sides of the console. It has its own button panel to adjust the screen settings and we also have a hinge to protect the panel by folding the screen when we finish playing. The speakers are stereo and the display has FreeSync and HDR technology.

G-STORY 12.5” Xbox Series X 4K UHD Monitor

G-STORY 12.5” Xbox Series X

If you want an even rounder product, the same brand offers a very similar model, but with a panel with 4K resolution. The dimensions are identical, as well as the rest of the specifications. As a negative point, the refresh rate of the screen is also maintained, which is still 60Hz The price does not go up too much, settling at approximately 279 euros.

This model is a great purchase for those gamers who are going to give their console a lot of power and are looking for a way to take advantage of the console in any situation.

USB external displays

On the other hand, you can also get a USB-powered external monitor. They are not as perfect solutions as the equipment that we have shown you before, but they are usually much cheaper.

ASUS MB169B+ – 15.6″ portable monitor


We are facing a monitor that could easily be that of a laptop. It has 15 inches and Full HD resolution. It has an ultra-slim design and a case that allows you to take the screen wherever you go. The technology of the panel is LED IPS and it can be used both as a secondary monitor for a laptop and to occasionally play with your Xbox.

ARZOPA Portable Monitor, 4K


This other model does not have a design as interesting as the ASUS, but it offers a panel 15-inch 4K with IPS LED technology covering 100% of the sRGB color spectrum. Regarding the refresh rate, it maintains the same 60Hz It has its own speakers and can be used to play in very good conditions with your Xbox Series X. As with the previous model, it is a fully plug&play product. It is also compatible with other consoles and has the Freesync standard.



We up the ante. If you prefer frames over resolution, this Asus ROG model will give you just what you want. Sold in models of 15 and 17 incheswith 144 and 240Hz refresh rate respectively. The lag is only 3 milliseconds.

It is a top panel, with a system anti-glare and a very interesting base so you can place it as you find most comfortable.

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