Extract the voice of any song and turn it into a karaoke

And it is that years ago it was easy to think that being able to handle professional files was only within the reach of professionals in the sector, as is the case with other formats such as videos and photos. But at present, developers are making a good number of solutions available to home users focused on the treatment of video, image or audio files so that we can achieve what seemed impossible.

Focusing on the sound section, it is possible in these times to use different applications and web platforms, with which to carry out this type of file processing in particular. One of these possibilities is to eliminate the voices of any song, so that we can use it to sing in karaoke mode or also to set it as a ringtone on our mobile.

Remove the voice of a song with these programs

Next, we are going to see various programs with which we are going to be able to eliminate the voice of a song, and the steps to do it in a simple way.


It is free and open source software that has gained great popularity in recent years, becoming a great tool for those users who like to work and experiment with music. With this tool we can carry out the elimination of voices from an MP3, as well as other functions such as recording and editing audio files.

To get started, just download it for free from its official website. Once installed, click on the “File” tab and click on “Open” to select our audio file.

Next, in the box on the left side of the song we do double click to select it, so that we will notice a lighter color in the song. Now we click on the “Effect” tab at the top, it will make a drop-down menu open and we select «Vocal reduction and isolation».

Audacity vocal reduction and isolation

This will bring up a new popup window where we need to make sure that the option to “Remove Vocal Vocals” and click OK.

Audacity remove vowels to mono

Once the process is finished, we check that the voice has been removed from the song and we save it. To do this, click on the “File” tab and “To export”giving it a save name, and clicking OK.

Audacity export MP3


We are talking about a free and portable editor that allows us to edit audio and remove voices from an MP3. We will be able to add tracks, cut and edit several files at the same time. In addition, it is capable of supporting audio cards in such a way that we can generate high-quality audio from a microphone in real time. We can download it from the developer’s website.

Although it is entirely in English, its process is very simple. We just have to click on “File” and “Open” to select the audio track. Once added we double click on it to select it. Now click on the tab “Process” at the top, which will open a menu where we select “Vowel Remove”which will be the function in charge of removing the voice from the MP3.

Wavosaur Vocal remover

Once this is done we check the result and if we like it we can save it as a separate file. To do this we select “File” and “Export” and “Export as MP3”.

Wavosaur export to MP3

Wondershare UniConverter

It is a very complete video converter that allows you to cancel the voice of any song. It supports more than 1,000 audio and video formats and even allows you to download MP3 playlists. We can download a free trial version from their website. Its price is 59 euros.

Once installed, click on “Video Converter”we add our MP3 file to which we want to remove the voice.

Wondershare UniConverter Effect

Then we click on the “Effect” icon below the thumbnail, which will open a new pop-up window. Here, we select “Audio” and we adjust the volume to 0 and we accept.

Wondershare UniConverter sound volume to 0

Now at the bottom we make sure that the output format is MP3 and click on the button. “Turn into” button on the right side and the MP3 voice deletion process will start. Once the conversion process is complete we will have the new file in the file location folder.

Wondershare UniConverter convert

Websites to remove vocals from an MP3

If we don’t want to download or install any software on our computer, we can make use of different online applications with which we can carry out the entire process.

Vocal Extractor

With the Vocal Extractor web application we can extract the voices of the songs through a few simple steps through an interface that is in Spanish. To do this, it will only be necessary to click on the Select file button and we will choose our desired MP3 file that will only take a few seconds to load.

Vocal Extractor select file

Once loaded, the song appears divided into two sections, «Music» that is at maximum volume and «Voice» that is at the minimum, that if we want we can adapt them to our liking. All that remains is to click on the «Play» button to check the results. Just to the right we will have the option to save the music or the voice separately and all completely free of charge.

Vocal Extractor save music

vowel remover

It is a useful online tool that will allow us to eliminate the vocal part of a song that is in MP3 or WAV format with a maximum size of 80 MB. To start, just click on this link to its official website. Although its interface is in English, its handling is quite intuitive.

Vocal Remover upload song

To start, just drag the song to the web or click on the blue box of “Dropor click to upload your audio”. The web will take a few seconds while it loads and deletes the vocal part of the song. Once finished, a blue button appears with the result obtained that by clicking on it we can download the new file with the deleted voices to our computer. This download URL will be available for 24 hours.

Vocal Remover song download

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