Extremely rare Pokémon cards offered to Japanese illustrators

They have lived with us and loved them for 25 years, of course we are talking about the small Pokémon pocket watches! To celebrate this anniversary, Japanese illustrators who worked on Pokémon cards received a very nice gift.

In Pokemon, there are video games of course, but collectible cards are also very popular. There is a real market where fans are snapping up the rarest cards at unbelievable prices. We dare not imagine the value of the decks sent by Creatures, which produces the famous cards, to Japanese illustrators.

Collectors are craving it

Shibuzoh and Hideki Ishikawa, who illustrated Pokémon cards, thus confirmed having received in a luxurious wooden box a deck called “ Creatures Deck: Corporate History (1995-2021) », As well as a fabric pouch. Each card represents a year, with exceptional bonuses like this never-before-released 1996 Charizard card.

To symbolize 1995, the first year of existence of creatures, a Leveinard card is offered and this one stands out: it’s a pencil sketch! It looks like a prototype of what the real cards will be the following year.

These two cards in particular also have a holographic outline which is reminiscent of Birthday cards. These decks are absolutely exceptional and it’s easy to imagine that collectors will go out of their way to get their hands on them. Not sure, however, that illustrators will want to part with this precious treasure …

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