EYE dads! Organized crime infiltrates video games, thus recruiting minors

The organized crime every time it infiltrates more aspects of society. Several cases have been reported in which members of criminal cells recruit minors through online games such as GTA, Gears of War or Call of Duty. This modus operandi was denounced by journalist Óscar Balderas in one of his latest works.

Recently, the Oaxaca State Attorney General’s Office (FGEO) reported through a statement the location of a group of minors, who were reported missing last Saturday, October 9, 2021. These infants would have been contacted through a video game with promises to earn a lot of money.

After the investigations, the authorities managed to find the kidnappers and detained a woman: “The Oaxaca State Attorney General’s Office prioritizes the attention of the complaints of crimes committed against girls, boys and adolescents to guarantee their safety and that they have full access to justice ”, they said in a statement.

Relatives accused a recruitment

The relatives of the minors reported In social networks that one of him left a letter for his parents, in which he asked his parents not to worry about him, because he had left to make a lot of money, even to send them. According to the newspaper Proceso, the minors would have been approached by another minor in a center where video games are rented to compete with friends. After gaining your trust He offered them “work.”

Some of the places where they were before being deprived of their liberty are the ADO bus terminal in the town, the center of Fortín and a house on Avenida Ferrocarril. According to the reporter Pedro Matías, the minors they had tickets to travel to Mexico City, and once in the capital, they would leave for Monterrey, in Nuevo León.


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