Facebook and OnlyFans accused of blacklisting content distributed to competitors

OnlyFans and Facebook are accused by competitors of making content offered by rivals harder to access, if not downright impossible to view.

Last summer, OnlyFans surprised its users and creators by announcing the banning of pornographic content. At the time, the platform (which lives only thanks to “adult” videos) justified itself by claiming that the request came from banking establishments and payment solution providers.

Content flagged as terrorist

OnlyFans quickly backtracked, having found common ground with its partners that allow it to continue supporting its community of creators. But the case left its mark and many of them decided to migrate to other services of the same kind, like FanCentro. However, the story is far from over.

FanCentro is indeed at the origin of a complaint against OnlyFans and Facebook, a lawsuit followed by a class action filed in stride by three adult entertainment companies. These complaints accuse the two platforms of having reported content to the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT), in other words, of placing the videos in question in a database on terrorism. Even if what they present has nothing to do with terrorist content…

This report would have led to a drop in the viewing of this content and therefore, a drop in traffic on the sites of rivals OnlyFans and Facebook. It is Instagram that is mainly targeted: the problem would occur more on the social network than on the other platforms. Will these complaints go to the end? That remains to be seen.

On the side of OnlyFans, it is indeed estimated that these lawsuits have ” no merit “. Meta, ex-Facebook, explains that these allegations have no basis. A spokesperson for the GIFCT said it was unaware of any evidence supporting the complaints’ theories. A case to follow.

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